Are reading in the house this complement of off of being afraid to be the scare of being like persecutors right



Sees what these are reading in the house this complement of off of being afraid to be the scare of being like persecutors right I think also that the narrator is a moral man he's in exile from his country but morality has become complicated because he's said as a journalist that his country has had its first African president what it's assumed he meant was something racist what he meant in fact was that it had its first dictator its first inflexible only violent roller and now that he is in exile we see that morality he's very moved he's doing work he's reading the gathered and on earth confessions of people who've witnessed massacres and mass killings he's writing down sentences that moved him and he's very influenced as you say he grows paranoiac all but at the same time we discover that like most people he's human and he's a womanizer perhaps a sex addict and an alcoholic and that question of what is it to be a moral human being and be beset by other frailties at the same time is at the center of this narrator's spirit yes I agree with you I think that's the that's the point I mean this is not just white or black I mean this is a very complicated mentality a very complicated human being I mean this fictional character of course and he's like having all these contradictions inside himself he's just like in from one side he knows what he's doing you know what he's working on right then he's aware of that but at the same time he doesn't want to be so much aware because if he gets lately however perhaps he will try to escape not to let the work tool to to weed that y'all because that's always a little bit dangerous so he's at the same time that he knows he's lying to himself in a way into the same thing that he's working with these very very key pieces of information he likes to leave to have a very high No Way hobby life through are you a joules sale I tried to Holla kind of intense sex life in having dreams just to to get rid of all this I wish that the house he has one thousand one hundred pages to copy it V. they have been variously refined already the witnesses have been interviewed via perhaps to expert psychologist the interviews have been transcribed and made grammatical his job is to make sure that they are utterly inaccessible but one suspects as well that his friend Eric knowing that it our narrator is in exile has gotten this job for him as a kind of concern a kind of charity and of course in this world no good deed will go unpunished and so pretty soon Eric is the target of the speakers spleen how he said that would only be five hundred pages there are one thousand one hundred pages he didn't mention that I would be working for the Catholic Church well this is another story I am a devout atheist and so before long he has being a contrarian he is reasons his way into a form of hostility in anguish as soon as he arrives in this office it's a small high ceilinged white room it has a crucifix hanging please can I take the crucifix that I know he's told it belongs to the archbishop the hard

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