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John Lewis was 80 years old. A federal prosecutor in Oregon is calling for an investigation into the arrests of Portland protesters made by Homeland Security officers as Oregon Public Broadcasting's Conrad Wilson reports. This week, Federal officers grab protesters using unmarked vehicles in downtown Portland U. S Attorney Billy Williams says he wants an investigation into allegations that federal law enforcement detained protesters without probable cause. OPV first reported the story of a man who has grabbed by federal officers on July 15th without explanation. The officers pulled the man into a van. Blindfolded him and took him to the federal courthouse where he was searched, photographed and ultimately released. Numbers of Oregon's congressional delegation are also demanding investigations by the inspector general of the Justice Department and Homeland Security. Since early July. Federal law enforcement officers have been deployed in Portland President Trump sent them here after the city had seen weeks of protests for racial justice for NPR news. I'm Conrad Wilson in Portland.

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