Did You Know Flying Snakes Exist?

Mason & Ireland


You know what a Chris Oh Pelaya Para DC is. Chris O. Pelaya Paradisea Yeah. It's a flower that grows from a bulb. Lindsey you WANNA take a shot. Find. Say That again. Kreis Oh, Palea, paradisea, some kind of disease or something. All good guesses, none of you are right I. Swear I'm not making this up. According to a paper published this week at Virginia Tech. In South and Southeast Asia. And Mason this is GonNa Freak you out Ono every day. It's bad news with you yesterday. Earth is not bad news. This is spectacular, but it's GONNA freak out. Flying snakes no flying. He flying snake. Awesome I it is spectacular and people thought they didn't exist. And these researchers found him, and they fly through the air, and CNN's been talking about it all week all week long. This has been the story I can't believe you have not heard about flying snakes now think about how people freak out when snakes slither. Can, you imagine? Flying in you like you're you consider yourself to be a world traveller? But here. Are, you ready! You gotTa Google Window I. Do Okay So. If you just Google Paradise treats. Nick will come out, but it C. H. R. Y. S.. O., P., l., e. a. and then paradisea just sound like it sounds it's. This isn't one of those things where what when it was so cold in Florida. The lizard were falling out of the trees, and they were flying lizards. Their little was known about how much these snakes fly before a team of scientists from Virginia Tech published this paper on Monday. Experts say these snakes glide through the air. They make an undulating motion as they move through the air and they can just Zappia right in the neck. This is brutal. Eileen six Google it. I'm looking at video of it that is, it is absolutely terrifying. How terrified no, with all the countries? You've visited that you could be attacked by a flying snake. Can you imagine a snake flying you? Yes, it's spectacular. It is not spectacular flying stakes. Come on, man. Scare the hell out of video. If you get attacked, play a flying snake. Wow Yeah. I'm looking video. They fly. That's crazy snakes. Would've thought it was making that up if you didn't Google it, this is the this is the year flying snakes. It's the year Hornets the murder Hornet. It's the year of swarms of locusts. Right Oakland sticks the year from Hell. Let's be honest. Earthquake's coming on the San Andreas Fault Yeah. We're GONNA. Get Mace! You're going to be sitting in your. Fancy Venice Pad, getting stoned and all of a sudden a flying snake is gonNA come flying through the window than an earth. Her hit yours absolutely. Get a crack in half your. Dogs and cats living together into the world kind of stuff flying

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