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Welcome traveler I'm your host Chris Christensen just see if we don't deliver on that word epic that I put in the intro. We've got lots to talk about as we talk about Alabama. I'd like to welcome the show. Larry Beiber who is a freelance travel, writer and editor also has his own website at Larry Bloomberg. Dot Com, and also at civil rights travel dot com, and he's come to talk to us about Alabama Larry Welcome to the show. Let's great to be here, Chris. This is a show that is about a year and a half in the making at least not with Larry. We just got him involved recently, but I've done three trips to Alabama last year and a half and had been really wanting to do a show about it. But I really wanted to do it with somebody who knew more about Alabama than I did and Larry. You've lived in Alabama for eleven years. I, think. We say that's right over a decade. And you came there to work a job in the travel magazine industry at. At coastal living, which was based here as is southern living in cooking, light and a lot of other magazines. Why should somebody go to Alabama? There's lots of reasons and I think the place to start is that most people don't know about Alabama? They they know. Their stereotypes there's. There's what they've heard over the years, but the truth is the south remains one of the most colorful and least understood parts of the country and the best way to learn about. It is to go there, and it's easy. It's easy to do and this I. Think will turn People's view under head. It's the center of Civil Rights History which I think. A lot of people know in the best way to understand that as visit the sites where these famed events happened. But it's also got incredible food. One of the most vibrant food scenes in the country right now mountains in some of the best beaches in the country, if not the world, which again does not fit that stereotype that people have the deep south well. I'm going to be one of those people that admits that I Alabama was something like my forty seventh state to go to or something like that, and it was kept to the last somewhat because I grew up in the sixties, and my picture of Alabama was what I saw on the nightly news. It was that troubled. Civil Rights history that we talk about which we can. Celebrate what happened now and and what went on, but it was kind of tough to watch it all going on at the time, and that colored my views of Alabama for pope. And I have fallen in love with the state here in the last trips that I've gone through and a little surprised to say that because I didn't really expect to. But what would you recommend for an itinerary for Alabama? Alabama literally goes from the mountains to the seas in I I would start just for simplicity's sake in the north. In Huntsville and in the Florence area where you will see incredible NASA rocket history because I was intrical part of the NASA system, the NASA development and then. Some a rock and roll shrine in the muscle shoals hall of fame, and then down to Birmingham where you do find that civil rights history where a lot of those disturbing images happen half a century ago. Frankly and now it's one of the most vibrant food scenes in the country and a place. That really has a buzz to it. There's a lot of new parks architecture. There's a lot of people they may be. Decades ago would have left to go off to find their fortune in New York or Los Angeles. And now they're staying there and creating some wonderful things and then I. go down to Montgomery with the state capital. Eight incredible new memorial is just open. I don't know if you've seen that. The equal justice just there. The Lynching Memorial, which I was told by an architecture critic, maybe the most important memorial in this country in the decade. Right up there with the Vietnam war memorial to the victims of lynching very sobering in your face, challenging kind of place, then go out to places I don't think are as much on the radar for people as far as Alabama mobile is a surprise mobile I call the little easy, because it's a lot like New Orleans, but it's tiny. It's much easier to navigate in. It's a lot of fun and then down to this beautiful beautiful Gulf. Shore beaches, the white sands, sugar sand beaches that I literally I been in Borussia of all places in the Indian Ocean on the beaches, and I came to the Gulf coast the next month. For some reason, it just worked out in the Gulf coast. Beaches were better than what I had seen in the Indian. Ocean Sept-. Beautiful I will back you up on that end in both a surprise part and the beautiful part. That will give you a good week from north the sound that

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