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Years ago, ABC started the dialogue 79 Thie First Arc Station in L. A. The second in the nation. We started the dialogue and now more than ever, the dialogue continues here in Los Angeles County and Klos HD to Los Angeles. Great ABC News at two o'clock. I'm Sharon Reardon, The woman accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein sexually abused underage girls is staying put behind bars. Helane Maxwell was denied bail in New York today after pleading not guilty. Maxwell faces up to 35 years behind bars if convicted on all charges. Her trial is set for July of next year. The Orange County Board of Education is voting to reopen all school campuses last night, the board said. Social distancing is not necessary, and students and teachers wearing masks is not only tough to enforce, but quote may even be harmful. They're also not recommending classroom sizes be cut down, but are suggesting temperature checks. The decision was met with protests outside the education office in Costa Mesa, Orange County's 28 individual school district. Still get to make the final call and how they'll reopen campuses if they do it all. Phil Human K. ABC News Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell describes what he'd like to see in the next Corona virus stimulus package in the next package. Liability productions. Kids back in school jobs slash unemployment. And health care. That's where I think will be good, McConnell says. Absolutely no bill will get out of the Senate without protection for businesses from Corona virus related lawsuits. Stocks ended on a positive note today, The Dow closed up 569 points, NASDAQ Up 89 points and the S and P 500 closed up 42.

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