Native advocate welcomes Washington Football Team name change


National Native News Antonio Gonzalez a native advocate is welcoming the Washington football teams announcement. Monday the team will be retiring the R. Word Name and Logo, according to a statement team owner Dan Snyder and coach Ron Rivera are working to develop a new name and design native advocate Amanda. Black Horse has been part of the change. The Name Movement including involved in litigation for fifteen years over the teams use of the R. Word Well I'm very excited and happy that teen decided to. Retire the name and logo. This is has been a long long time for me and I'm glad that. It's finally happening. I wish that the will continue to be aware of Syria typing of the people in the the branding, they will say from using any names needed team. The team announced in early July a thorough review of the name following pressure from funders and renewed calls to drop the name amid racial justice rallies, being held across the country black horse credits, the black lives matter movement for helping raise awareness of the Washington DC NFL team named I. think that really opened up a lot of. People's eyes to racial injustice and to stemming racist and. and. you know I'm I'm just? You know it's a great time, but we also must remember those who have who have been murdered because you know Oh, races and and White, supremacy and we have to be mindful that native advocates including black horse say the work to change Indian mascots and logos and professional sports, and in schools is not over as renewed calls for the Kansas City football team to drop its India Mascot and also in professional baseball and hockey. Tribal leaders are pressing US lawmakers to pass key water legislation as community struggle with water issues which have increased Dudakovic Nineteen Matt. Laszlo reports from Washington tribes across the nation earn desperate need of clean drinking water. Navajo, nation President Jonathan is recently told House lawmakers that tribes need Congress to step up. This lifesaving legislation is one house vote away from becoming a reality Ms. urge the house to pass the Indian waters right settlement extension. ACT, which would provide more than two hundred million dollars for safe drinking water, a bill that sailed unanimously through the Senate, foreign sharp is the president of the. Indian nations and the affiliated tribes of North West Indians in addition to climate change communities experience Berman disparities, involving lack of access to clean and safe drinking water, the EPA safe and clean drinking water state, revolving funds are mechanism spread wrestling these issues still other say private investments are vital to here's polar Thomas a lawyer with Arizona's possibly There has been little to no private sector, investment and tribal renewable energy projects that directly serve tribal communities and tribes have lagged behind other governments and attracting outside capital through public private partnerships. Tribal leaders are calling on. On officials in Washington to get over there partisan disagreements and include money for Indian countries, drinking water needs in the next corona virus stimulus package I'm lyles loan Washington the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe in South Dakota announced over the weekend it was limiting access to the swift community dacoven nineteen as testing a medical care is being provided last week. The tribe issued a mandatory face covering order to slow the spread of the virus, other emergency cove, nineteen safety measures will continue as positive cases on the reservation reached thirty eight as of Sunday. I'm Antonio Gonzalez.

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