Construction Starts on NASAs Psyche Spacecraft - burst 09


Tie. You and Satellite Launch Center in northern China's young Zee province. The spacecraft's quick with a large. Focus High. Resolution camera designed to provide sub millimeter level full-color images, and features a multi spectral Imager, an atmospheric synchronization, calibrating to reduce the impact of cloud and fog as well as its military intelligence gathering applications, some of the spacecraft's features will also be made available for selected civilian uses approved by the Chinese Communist Party the mission also carried the Zhabei, poll, Eighty, one zero to aerospace education satellite, which is carrying a range of scientific technical experiments for school students. Then just two days later. Beijing launched another reconnaissance satellites aboard a Long March two D rocket this time from his. You Want Satellite Launch Center in southwestern, China's Inner Mongolia Beijing of classified old. Dido's bet the Cheyenne six Oh to satellite, the Chinese state run media simply described it as an experimental remote sensing satellite intended Space Environment Study and related technology experiments Beijing is the same description for the gang series military reconnaissance satellites. This latest launched brings tonight he to the number of reconnaissance spy satellites now being operated by China to monitor what other countries on the

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