Everyday I Write The Book - burst 06

Fame is a Bitch


She fears for her family. Because the huge twitter army she's built is now coming first, so she deleted sixty thousand tweets sixty thousand. And she got rid of one million followers. then. She's still getting shit. I. Say anybody out there. WHO's giving a shit? Keep it up, get her. She blocked me years ago. But she's the biggest funniest bitch. Walk in so getter. Recently. You know she said I had a life before. This is just weirdos random towns, these people are all over I hate when some people have become. What social media has done for this kind of reach the fact that I learned to let people get away with this shit like this is insane to me. She's talking crazy. She's talking gibberish. Back in two thousand seventeen. She's at the apex of her power, and coincidentally blocking me like I said she addressed. Some somebody on twitter. When they claim she was of pizza gate. And along with other Democrats like Hillary and all about fucking buddies. And she did what she thought. She should do to stop the harassment, but it didn't work. It got worse and at the time she tweeted that she debated saying something about the claims of Pizza Gate but felt disturbed and scared. So she and John Legend, then threatened legal action. And I think twitter. Verified the twitter account that that the person who first accused her of being involved in pizza. That's a Nazi company Jack Dorsey does. Whatever the fuck he wants. All I did to get thrown off for life was to say that radical

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