Honoring Fallen Phoenix Police Officer Greg Carnicle


Is police week and we honor the the men and women who have paid the ultimate price and serving in their communities police officers across the country and one of the most one of the most heartfelt stories and things that really played on this community was dealing with covert nineteen and the death for the first time ever the commander with the Phoenix police department and commander Carmichael gave his life at a domestic violence call and one of the people I've had the privilege of working with here at KTAR news is alley vendor who covers first responders and does the best job of it in the valley by far and she acquired an interview with the family of commander chronicle first of all alley I wanna ask you got on a personal level they had to be tough had to be tough for you to do that interview it was it was a unique experience and as tough as it was it was incredible to see the amount of strength in this family obviously just months after a husband and a father and a grandfather passed away they opened up their home to me essentially a stranger and they just told me about the love that they had for him and have for him in to do C. B. in this man's home I sat at his kitchen table and I saw the pictures on their walls and it was a very surreal feeling

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