Freelance Vets with Jay Sheehan


What better way to design your life than to literally create a business around yourself. Yeah, he's phenomenal. What so? What do you think? Sometimes, from a military spouse perspective or even a veteran looking for remote work. I think that the typical mentality for something that might be new to this concept of remote work, is it? It's GonNa be really hard to find quality work equality job. But I suspect the opposite is true that the the real problem in what you're doing is probably finding the military spouses then her for this kind of work you. Would you have more of people looking for jobs or companies kicking screaming, trying to our military spouses and remote work veterans. We'll. That's interesting, because right now is just you know it's? It's the doomsday method right now I'm not. I'm not sure any of us can really quantify what's going on. You know companies that are quote, unquote, essential or still working but they're unable to find people to come to work. And then companies aren't essential. That aren't working. have. employees that there would like to continue to employ, but they're not able to for reasons that we all. Are Sitting working through ourselves. normally. If you follow like the jobs report every year. I know no one really follows that unless you're really in an industry that it makes sense to. The financial industry our door employment. So staffing. Usually it's it's one or the other. You have more jobs than people. You have more people in jobs, so it's either a buyers market or a seller's market in that sense kind of the housing market. So it's a buyer's market when you have. More jobs than people, you can or more people than jobs, you'd be very selective on who you take in on those jobs and then flip flops. And a customer may have twenty jobs open in only needs three people apply. Those three people are now hold that employer out for a little bit more money or more benefits, or whatever so the that a ministry on the remote side. You're competing against people worldwide because a lot of these jobs can be done from anywhere. You know so. I believe that a little bit more of a fair playing ground in the sense. The customer client will be able to pick and choose from a larger pool, but. Because we have made that and more detailed. I believe at the pool that we're bringing to. The table is much better product than most of the other ones out there so. In that sense. I believe that the people that register freelance vets in the jobs that we have coming in. Are? We GonNA experience a greater. Satisfaction on both sides. Satisfaction for the client because they'll have someone that. Speaks the language quote unquote and has a work ethic. That will you know? Walk through a wall to get the job done? I can't speak for you, but I I know that we were always push push push to get the job done whatever costs right. That translates as far as work. Ethic is concerned you now so. I still get up before five every day. You know people think I'm not like. What could you possibly do that I'm like I'm ready for work and working before you guys. Are you know? Dusting your eyes off and getting your First Cup of coffee you move for nillion. Most people do not. Want to date myself, but you just did it for us. It's Ok John. Do you, do you? Do you find? Do you find yourself having to keep potential clients on military spouse like military military spouse? What's what

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