Cocktail - A Podcast Preview


Aristocrat of the working class. It make all kinds of moves. If he's smart investors out there there are suck out rich women with nothing to do with them. Stand in this bar and you can be struck by lightning. Seen it happen again me playing listeners. It's the weekend and I hope you're kicking back with a cocktail. No I'm not advising you to drink alcohol so you can choose that on your own. I'm hoping you're listening to now. Playings new bonus review of the movie cocktail. Tom Cruise's nineteen eighty-eight blockbuster. That won the box office and won a Golden Raspberry Award for worst Phil. Well which is it could find out by listening to our review which just came out today for gold level and higher donors in our spring twenty twenty donation drive. It's donors who keep our show going and allow us to do the show. We do every totally free Tuesday even through pandemic. We have not missed a single. We haven't missed a week since New Year's of twenty ten and it's because of our financial supporters were able to do that. Here's a clip from that show and after I'll tell you more details about the current donation drive. Yeah I'm sorry in the interview process for a bartender. How do you make a Martini that that should be questioned number one like the most basic and he doesn't even know how to do that? All right it's funny story. I went to a Blues Club in Iowa and I was with my wife and my wife sends me to the bar to get a drink and I'm like what are you want she goes. I don't care. I know my wife likes Martinis so up to the bar and I order a Martini. And the bartender looks at me. Then goes I think we can make that gets with the other bartender. They pull up the Internet. I feel like Iowa's the problem there. Yeah the the the Internet they should know what Martinez but the idea of. A Martini changed in the ninety s to win chocolate. Martinez became thing. People forgot that it was just vodka and vermouth basically gave her a of straight vermouth. Yeah overrode usually you just go with the vodka and yeah just straight? Vermouth the look on Marjorie face when she drank it so people do get hired as bartenders without knowing how to make a Martini. Not New York though maybe an Iowa Not New York no no. He's absolutely right and let's just call it what it is. What is called toll thing women? He's got all this advice about catching the women and all that and you have. This guy is ugliest sin. Why does he hire crews cruises looking at seen many bartenders? That didn't really know what they were doing. But oftentimes people just order a beer or they don't Wanna mix drink. They just want something off the shelf. So yeah if you've got a good smile in your willing to dance like that too addicted to love which I mean crews always gets his singing dance moment in many times holy. Shit said this. He's gotten so much better than he was. How do you mean so much? Better this dancers cool do you. Yeah we really. You would want to be this guy dancing to addicted to love that way. Stewart. I've learned to dance from you. You taught me every dance. Move came to this guy all right fair enough all right. He's better than me in eighth grade. That's for sure he's better than me today and I think the choreography between him and cognition works. You know what you can't rule out addicted to love as a thumping bass good song. That's keeping the scene moving. This movie is a Jukebox of songs. That's going to just keep playing and if you hate the songs then you're not going to get in the mood but they set the mood for me to me. We reviewed Miami Vice. This reminds me of Miami vice the TV show where there's not a whole lot of dialogue going on but they're gonNA play smuggler's blues and you're GonNa get what's going on in that scene from the song that's playing and that's how I am in these early scenes but now that you've mentioned Fridays. Wow I now understand why. The waitresses are wearing those red and white shirt. So you're not laughing like this is not funny to you. The only things funnier when cognitive tells a Joe I mean why would it be funny? It's campy in the same way. That like a blaxploitation or disco movie from the seventies would be funny a decade later. This is like Oh my God. What were we thinking? If this was ever cool I just have a smile on my face because it is Kinda cool.

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