Seattle - Snohomish County officials concerned about preparedness for second wave of coronavirus


The rest of Washington's phase one re opening should fall into place today some wonder when will face to happen because Brian Calvert has the only day we've heard how some local leaders aren't very excited about it earlier this week when governor Insley launched phase one and there were a number of retail businesses told they could reopen once guidance was issued so that businesses can be confident turning their customers can be confident that all businesses are providing for their safety governor's offices that guide you should be out by sometime today as for phase two which would allow barbers salons in indoor dining options there but all kinds of gas is the only date we've heard June first at the earliest and that has no home which county officials a little on edge some saying that's not soon enough others worried about maintaining enough medical capacity for a possible second wave emergency management director Jason Biermann told the Herald quote for us this is an ongoing effort to get us to the point where we can get our community safe first and foremost then work through these phases

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