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Gregory and Travis McMichael arrested in killing of Ahmaud Arbery


That breaking news tonight. The father and son accuser shooting an unarmed black man while his family says he was jogging in southeast. Georgia neighborhood has now been arrested. Nearly two and a half months after the attack of investigation have arrested sixty four year. Old Gregory Michael and thirty four year old Travis McMichael in connection with the February twenty third shooting death of twenty five year old Ahmad Armory. The father and son are both charged with murder and aggravated assault. Rb was jogging Tila shores neighborhood when he was fatally shot with a shotgun. The incident caught on camera and posted online a week ago by Brunswick radio station prompting the G. Bee I'd in the video you can see a man identified as Aubrey running down. The street approached by two men. White pickup truck that stopped in the roadway officials. Say Three shots were fired. Two of them after our tried to fight off the man holding the shotgun

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