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Mathew Sweezey on The Context Marketing Revolution


The context marketing revolution. And we're going to hear what he's got going on. It's a great book. It covers a lot of stuff that's relevant and will hopefully change your perspective on some of the stuff that you're doing for programs but I will let him tell that whole story Matt. Thanks for joining us. Hey man thanks for having me good to be here. Tell us about what you do for salesforce first. Let's start there because you have a pretty interesting position that Folks familiar with the art would like to hear about. Yeah it's a super cool job Saw really focus on the future of marketing So I sit on the market strategy organ really kind of work. Both internal and external Looking at internal research working with external research partners I really trying to figure out what or high performing marketers doing and being able to get that back internally so we can be better as well as teach our customers how to do that and then spread the word through speaking writing and books like the one published. That's cool and I noticed that you were talking before we jumped on about how you're actually independent of any of the clouds. You're you look over the whole business. Line everything yeah so. Our team isn't cloud specific so I just really kind of focused on the future of marketing from a large scale perspective Not necessarily from a specific product perspective. Okay and now. The Book Context Marketing Revolution. What drove you to put pen to paper here. Now that I may actually does that anymore but but fingers keyboard I guess Yeah so it really kind of started with some interesting research that we've done. There's lots of research in this book in really kind of a lot of kind of coalesced around the exact same period of time and kind of spark some ideas in my head and one of those that really sparked idea was I was trying to figure out. How much is it going to cost to break through the noise in the future? So do that had to calculate will. How much noise is there? And then how much will it cost to then breakthrough so starting to look at that calculation of noise what I started to realize is that we actually started to enter a new media? Era on we're actually noise was no longer what it was. It was being created by different. Formats is coming from different players. I'm an people reacting and it was motivating people in different ways. Really simple example. Think about a fitbit things but we rarely ever think about fitbit's as a medium or media but think about it. It is a artificial intelligent device that he's going to send you. A notification is a personal media feed. That is going to tell you that you need to take fifty more steps today to reach your goal and that will actually motivate a human to walk fifty more steps. That is one piece of media that only went to a single individual and able to motivate them greater than any other format of media in the history of the world. So if we start to think about some of these things then we start to say all right. This is a new period of time a new world. Let's look at what high performers are doing and we also do research looking at specifically that kind of putting all these things together. The lights started going off and saying we're in a radically new period of time high-performers as we as the data shows are notch just slightly beating their direct competition. I mean these are multiples of multiples a success. And so that really just kind of led me to to write this book. Yeah and so you hit on multiples of his successors actually a stat and they're talking about how effective marketers are ninety. Six Times more powerful getting better results than other people out there that was from the two thousand seventeen data that looked at was. We wanted to see how well high-performers were able to beat their underperforming counterparts. And what we found were high performers in two thousand seventeen. Were Ninety six point three times more likely to be significantly beating their direct competition than underperforming counterparts. And now you put a pin in the date of June twenty fourth. Two thousand nine. What was the? Cps there this is where it gets super nerdy right so this is why Harvard published. This book is because this gets into some very nerdy very large theoretical foundations and underpinning so one of the joys of writing. This book was able to work with Marshall McLuhan son and grandson on some of these ideas. If you're not familiar with media or media theory that's really the underpinning concept of this book which essentially says Media Environments Dictate Human Behavior and human decision making models greater than anything else right the ideas that we have of love of of anything that you can think of. You're not born with those ideas they are given to. You just think about you know we all know who Gutenberg as and we understand what movable type did for the world right it literally brings the world out of the Dark Ages and into the age of Enlightenment. That is what just more media in an environment actually did for the world. I'm back and I'm pleased as the fourteen or fifteen hundred so once you start to understand this media theory that that media environments dictate change. We need to start to think about marketing as a game. And we must realize it's not a truth that it's a game that we play in the rules change based on the environments that we operate in and so what that date represents. It represents a specific turning. Point is the date that the world entered a new media era where the consumer is now the largest creator of noise and will be until the end of time and why that's so critical is because that is the demarcation line between the limited media era where our traditional definition marking was created and now the infant media era which is a totally different set of rules. Meaning we need a new game to play within hence the context marketing last word revolution. Not Evolution yet is incredible. How is a mind shift there because I always have looked at previous marketing stuff? That talks about how everyone can publish. But I never made that mental leap of the fact that okay. All of these billions of small. Publishers will completely overwhelmed. What used to be the monolith and you know the the one single source of truth so it's completely run everything over in. Let's make a really clear point like this is not just more noise and that that's the biggest thing that most people have missed. Is they say that breaking through the noise. Well this is just more noise so we just need to play the same games just at a higher level and that's the wrong mentality because it's not the same game it's a radically different game. The noise is not the same. It's not just more. It's radically different. And it changes how people react to changes how people what they want to change his desires and how businesses and fulfill those desire so. It's not just more noise. It's radically different environment. And that's the big key underpinning that we need to think about right and in fact it was so we'll dig into this more because you that's a great point because it is. It's the fact that this stuff not only. Is it smaller? But it's more relevant. It's it's more direct onto the customer experience and we will dive into that because you have a whole model of that that I love and it's an easy thing to copy but before we jump into that. Some of the research in there does talk about word stream in our friend. Mark Levine. Who was just on the show a couple of weeks ago and we thank words stream..

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