Opera singer Brian Stokes Mitchell explains why he had to stop singing


So so we we we had had had had to to to to replicate replicate replicate replicate every every every every yesterday yesterday yesterday yesterday with with with with Tony Tony Tony Tony Award Award Award Award winner winner winner winner Brian Brian Brian Brian Stokes Stokes Stokes Stokes Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell every every every every night night at at seven seven he he would would sing sing the the impossible impossible dream dream out his window and because a big traffic jam on the Upper West Side and we had a chance to talk with Brian Stokes Mitchell about it yesterday but well interesting enough I can't stop singing yesterday records and it's interesting as I got older also rainy night yesterday one of the things I've been concerned about the crowds have been getting rather large outside and the corner where they hang out is on Broadway show and I've been a little concerned looking down because I see sometimes people aren't paying attention at the crossing the street sometimes the people that are driving the cars are looking up at the window or not paying attention is there as the driving down the road either so I actually talk to the NYPD about it yesterday and and ask them you know what they thought as well and they were getting concerned as well and I said what do you think we should do here they said the best thing to do is to stop singing and I said okay because you're the reason I'm doing it is to honor people like the NYPD and the fire department and EMS workers in the health care works an average not to make their lives more difficult so we both decided together that is best is to stop singing and just leave it as it was Brian you a battle the corona virus can you give us your experience with it what how when did it come on and how how tough was it for you my wife and I were doing love life at city center encores we rehearsing for that show and during the rehearsals I noticed I had a low grade sinus infection and a low grade fever which is not uncommon this time of year and but one particular night it got really really bad it hit me really really hard I ended up having a of astronomically high fever I had a heating pad that I brought into bed with me because I could not get warm enough but I was still chilled with this fever I had the worst headache of my life I had the worst body aches of my life my my doctor is it a doctorate with the actors fun actually and he was just so great he kind of led me by hand telephonically now for more than three weeks are almost a month now I've been cleared of any any illicit also went into my lungs which is the other scary part but not terribly show and not enough but let me in the hospital which is also really great that's terrific world with Brian Stokes Mitchell Broadway great Tony Award winner now you mention the actors fund you the chairman of the actors fund is at a marvelous charity which I've contributed to helping actors and others in in the business who are on hard times and need help now is there a particular stress on the actors fund now during this pandemic but yesterday there actually is I think going on a lot of charities like ours normally it in a year we would give away about a two million dollars of emergency assistance to probably about two thousand people a year at this point as of March of the twenty fourth it was we've given away seven and a half million dollars to about sixty five hundred people and we're anticipating probably by June or July it's going to be up to you near twenty million dollars so people what's been amazing is the creative community the off Broadway Broadway I've been coming up with the most incredible ideas I had and so many of them are are using these ideas to make money for the actors Jason Holland was musical musical director director for for beautiful beautiful came came up up with with this this fantastic fantastic arrangement arrangement of of you've you've got got a a friend friend and and sent sent it it out out to to all all of of the the people people in in all all of of the the cast cast your your beautiful beautiful but but we're we're still still stuck stuck many many of of them them on on the the road road and and and and everybody everybody said said this this individual individual case case back back in in may may they they set set this this up up the the added added together together and and it's it's just just absolutely absolutely amazing amazing I was just overwhelmed when I first heard the store for donations for the actors fund so people can can do that well here's your here's your chance Michael you gotta you gotta put the pressure on them all right well Brian we hate to put you on the spot but since you can't sing out your window and I agree with you we don't want to cause any problems on the Upper West Side but we have a lot of people who are inside with the radio side I'm sure they wouldn't mind a little bit of Brian Stokes Mitchell and the impossible dream yeah I mean I'm happy to do it I'll sing a little bit of the first first I think because one of the things I love about this on one of the reasons I was singing it was the song is not actually called the impossible dream is actually called the quest and it's not a song about trying to do the impossible it's a song about trying period and the reason I saying this is because that's what we're all doing right now but particularly to healthcare workers EMS workers first responders all those people listen to these lyrics and think about all of those people right now to dream the impossible dream are you used to be beatable told to bear with unbearable so who the run where the Blu ray you better not cold two five eight three on the right people wrong hello your man chased from a former teacher quality when your arms are too we read don't reach the unreachable stronger this is my quarters to follow that story no matter how old you are no matter how hard to fight for the right without question the apologies to be willing to March into her look for her open recall I mean what are doing better lyrics right so well my white around I had my lighter going in my house right Ryan thanks so much and graduate lands on all your success and all that you're doing and thanks for staying with us and joining us on the program thank you Michael and will continue to get through this together just continue good health to you and all your listeners

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