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Arizona confirm more than fifty thousand covert nineteen cases hospitalizations are up demand for intensive care beds and ventilators for corona virus patients has also risen in recent days the governor backtrack on mask rules by agreeing to no longer block mayors from mandating face coverings more than nine million people worldwide are now confirmed to have been infected with corona virus in the past six months Johns Hopkins University says the disease has killed nearly four hundred seventy thousand people the world World Health Organization has been warning countries like the United States against re opening too early saying that could lead to a second wave of outbreaks NASCAR presidency Phelps says the FBI has joined the investigation into who left the news in the racetrack Raj of the sports only black full time driver Bubba Wallace helps also says Wallace who recently led a successful effort to ban the Confederate flag at NASCAR events is getting extra security we have more from NPR's Tom Goldman the incident happened Sunday in Bubba Wallace's garage area at Talladega superspeedway in Alabama in a media teleconference NASCAR president Steve Phelps said a very small number of people are allowed in what he calls the footprint we're garages are located he was asked if there could have been any breaches of security I can't say no for certain but

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