Statue of former Washington Redskins owner removed at RFK


Okay. Players in the NBA. Wow, that's that's that's him a revelation. My goodness be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard Rob Parker Weekdays at seven PM Eastern Four PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. There's an interesting story that came out today. The statue in Washington the statue of the former redskins owner George Preston Marshall was removed from RFK stadium. So, he was against, he was the former owner, but he was against integrating the franchise in the early nineteen sixties. So props to them for removing it. But I. Here's what I'm going to say as we see all of these confederate statues. Flags being removed now you you see the statue of the redskins owner. There was another one I can't remember the college. I think it was a college perhaps where there was another statue removed. I say go. Let's go the whole way. And start changing the names of these teams that are these nicknames that are Indian nicknames and look I'm not an expert on native American culture. But I I would say leave it up to the native Americans. But! Redskins is a racial slur. That'd be like the. Hat calling the team. The say ambles or the end words. I mean that's what it is, and my thing is this. If we really are against racism. You can't just be against racism that affects black people. You have to be against racism that affects all of the people that have been hurt by it in this country and the native Americans clearly. Were hurt by it. And so the only difference Allison. Obviously, there were different forms of oppression. Slave reverses annihilation darn near annihilation. But. The only difference in why the names of these native these native American nicknames remain. Is because native Americans by and large don't have the power in American society that blacks do so. Blacks have the power to make noise. We have become part of popular culture through our athletes are entertainers politicians? We have actors in the whole nine yards we have. People who do we have enough power to make noise to complain to March to protest and we have enough numbers being twelve thirteen percent of the population. So, they wouldn't dare have a team nickname a black slur at this point. And now they're removing all these other elements of the culture that have been offensive to black people, but we gotta do the same thing for the native Americans they just don't have the population to make a lot of noise about it or the power, but if we're really against. Him How can we pull down these symbols of black Oh Prussian, but not pulled down these symbols of native American oppression. And I don't look I. Don't know about the seminoles. Is that you know again I would leave it up to the native Americans. But if the native Americans, I know, some of them are differ in their opinions, but get their leaders. To African Americans. Get our leaders to speak on stuff. Get their leaders if they're leaders feel like these things are offensive. The braves the Indians the Redskins, maybe even the chiefs. If they feel like they're offensive change the names period and I think it should be. There should become a part of the conversation. This is interesting. Chris I gotta be I gotTA. Plead ignorance here I never looked into what the name redskins beans. Did you ever think to look it up or anything? Well, just think about it, though Redskins, it's like saying black skins are yellow skins, or I mean we know the contentious relationship to the least between the whites and the and the native Americans. When I grew up. Honestly you know it was the stereotype of scalping. Indians and things like that. Those were stereotype. Even Cater Bait yesterday I learned. Something I'd never knew that's enough I. Had you not the black? The black players didn't know and that's my point. If we are eliminating stuff like that and I'm not saying we shouldn't, but that's minor stuff right there. There's a lot of mine. American there is a lot of minor stuff, and this is interesting because we're seeing. We're trying to seem like. We're getting rid of all these symbols. Guy That you said they were moved to statue. George Preston Marshall, so he and a group bought the Boston braves, and they ha. They had also the braves and the Redskins, so there was some kind of connection for them to native Americans now I don't know why. If you're naming a team, you would name it the braves and the reds. Would you name it after I mean most the bears, the tight you know, most of these names are are yeah. Boy. I guess cowboys is. Doesn't make sense to me my only pushback and again I'm not saying this shouldn't be done is. If, we're trying to tell these young athletes. Hey, Dwayne Haskins quarterback of the redskins. You shouldn't suit up this fall until they changed the name of the Redskins, and then we pit the young. african-american quarterback and his whole team will, it wouldn't be a

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