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They also happen to be my father's birthday as well and have a awful lot of things to be thankful for for my dad who raised me as a shooter. Also talk affirm burn a lot about photography for him. one of the things he did for me. Early on was switched me over to the left shoulder. He recognized I was left dominant so I shoot handguns right handed. A long guns. Handed works very well. A lot of people are that way. If you're somebody who is teaching people to shoot one of the first things you WANNA do. Recognize at least check for the eye dominance. If you have any stories about your dad that you'd like to share a good day for that, we can do that particularly the ads and guns and shooting experiences and hunting, and all the rest of it. So, this is your day by the way if you'd like to join us. Number is eight six six talk gun easier to remember as Tom Talk Gun. Why would we do that oh? Yeah, because I'm Tom Gresham host here. We're doing this thing. It's called Tom Gresham. Gun Talk we're talking about. Pretty much anything that has to do with guns. Guns guns have store guns safely. Gun Responsibility Safety. Where's that Muslim? Pointed? We'll talk about politics of course, because you can't talk about guns without talking about politics these days, a lot of things going on people to buy guns. Incredible numbers incredible numbers. Two million a month now. Kobe. Kicked it off. And of course you have the riots the whole. Concept de-fund get rid of the police at the same time. A lot of left leaning. Mayors are releasing criminals releasing prisoners from jail. So let's see we're going to release the criminals. We're going to get rid of the police and these are the same people who say you don't need a gun. Because, of course, they've been telling us for many many years. You don't need a gun for protection because you have the police. We all depend upon the police now they're going Oh. Yeah, by the way we're going to get rid of the place, but you still don't need a gun. Because the American public. Way Too smart for that. And they're going out and buying their own self protection firearms. They're going to classes I. Keep hearing from trainers say they are just smack DAB booked up for as far out as they can see. People trying to get training, and and if you are one of those who have purchased a gun. You need training. And I know people say well. You know I grew up shooting I. Know How to shoot that matter. That's not what we're talking about. We're not talking about shoot. We're talking about how to defend yourself and your family with a firearm. That is a complex. Issue? It is an involved process. And it is not just marksmanship. In fact, that is one of the smaller parts of it. Yes, you must be able to hit what you're shooting at. For effectiveness in stopping a bad guy, but also for safety to not be throwing bullets around the neighborhood. Because your name is written on every one of those bullets that goes down range. If once in a while you hear somebody you know, police officers, said well, you know. Shot A lot. A dozen times I I don't know if I had anything Oh. You hit something. You hit something every time. Trust me. The bullet hit something. and. Obey the way you're responsible. For that. which is takes us back. To the training, okay, real simple I had to go out to the rain. She took a friend out. He had some experience with shooting, but not a lot and I'll tell you about. That took four different guns out for him to try and I'll relay. Those you know. Tell you what I did. If you have been taking anybody out to the reins, introducing them to shooting or getting people back into shooting, we love those stories. We call them range reports where you tell us what you've been out doing what you're shooting. Who you shooting with and what's going on? Right now we actually have BOB has called in from San Antonio on one. He's got a bit of a range report. I think hey bob. Welcome to talk what you got there. I treated into a Rossi five shot forty four special. Thanks to you Did you hit the three inch barrel? Three inch Dao, you know. The Hammer has been bought by the factory. and. It's a real sweetheart. I mean I you know I sometimes I. Know People kind of look down on the Rossi's and tauruses and such, but this one. It's really well made. It's locked tight and shoots great. And the recoil is totally manageable. The groups are small, but not. But very comfortable. It's just it's almost a perfect Kerrigan. Is this year I forty four special. It is. It's an interesting caliber in that and what you just said. Well surprise law people there recoil is not bad at all. No I wouldn't wanNA. Be Shooting a forty four magnum this thing. It's a catering sides. Oh Yeah, yeah, and that's frankly one of the reasons. A lot of us really liked. The four special is because you don't have that recall of the Magnum, and yet it is really good and really effective. Fence round now. You've gone with a five shot revolver. Probably, not a bad idea. I become real fan of the Bianchi strips or the tough to you. F. F., strips. You can have rounds and they're and they're just flat. Your pockets not like a big A speed loader. It's kind of hard to hope. High speed loader for concealed carry. There'd be ground things. But I like to. Look into that. That's a good idea I really be. It's a really likable. Revolver shoots early well and I. I also noticed that some of the stories, even on all the shelves pretty much been stripped forty four is one of the few cartridges that is about the only real overhanging cartridge I've been seeing on the shelves. Interesting yeah, well. That's hadn't even thought about that, but yeah. A lot of people don't know about it, so they're not going to buy that revolver and there maybe ammo available for that. By the way there is some really good ammo out there available If you haven't looked into one that still still sleeper, but it's really effective is from black. Hills AMMO. They have the honey badger line forty

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