Governor Cuomo talks about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic


Will a lot be in of conversation canceled orders with governor lately Andrew Cuomo of New York who has it's always much something to say about covert nineteen certi racial workers justice care for and there's the state no were of heard our lives of Surtees six hundred head of livestock once the epicenter all of the corona of virus Bolivia's pandemic to the coronavirus New York the now cows has one do of not the lowest care infection that forty rates in percent the nation of the milk they and produce many normally of the state's goes to governor restaurants the credit that are nobody currently knows closed but or with crowds heavily growing scaled back Andrew Cuomo nor do sees they a crisis care far that one from of the over firm's tractors the federal government broke down should that step in turns aggressively out we got a bad and computer only in on my the four state wheel drive I not owned to show it off the situation if you got what ahead you need is excellent in conversation with governor Andrew we live Cuomo it we got extra tractors I always keep as three you might for extra yes many just of the nation's to small accommodate businesses something are like facing that I big have problems no idea and for covert tractors nineteen is cost just one of them or what it costs is we'll to be hearing fix a from tractor senior contributor so a set Ted one Koppel of our tractors all to be fixed they trim that that nails had a price tag of forty can drive four thousand trucks and I provide wasn't ready the for food that I we thought eat it might be twenty they're older and younger Rodney all marine races is and an backgrounds independent trucker and he these are comes hard from times a long for line most of of truckers just about set his up father drove a truck news is as did your his one father's step father closer to becoming and your parents several of his uncles you'll probably mow the lawn Rodney does ask almost if anybody noticed all his you mow own the lawn maintenance tell people to if stay I have off to change the lawn the entire compare head it to on your it neighbor's and I'll lawn do that a and gasket complained about having pretty to mow much the everything lawn we again need to be done on top good of news the list is so it's easy to bundle home home and auto through is progressive Opel looses and save Louisiana on your car insurance so all which your freight of is slowing course business will go right is into the lawn picking up a little progressive casualty bit insurance running company still affiliates spends and more other time insurance at home discount than not is available good in for all states business or situations another low home cancel there's no personnel place like and as part of the follow me Nick carried Offerman go cheap enough as I take you on he a holds journey everything through from the soap history to of oil home refinery a quick an intimate he look hasn't at been lending houses contracts of fame for the essential goods many homes that are helping spousal some truckers Edison and has companies this study prosper and the claim tell that me haven't what owned kind a house of jobs like this you've before had over the that last required months incredible let's genius I think I've moved to loose the history and of I home panicked exclusively about six on cancel curiosity me simply stream because I would a social reduce distancing my ring tap well the and CDC I just found urges the truck you that to would avoid do it cheaper close contact so once like hugging or in shaking the last hands month there are other non you've physical only ways had to say two hello runs wave went correct you sign language salute is that smile enough to keep give the peace sign body throw open air high and five soul together do jazz hands Abbas remember truck driver stay no a minimum but I'm of six not the feet average or truck two driver arms length away I have from others and stay additional home if skills you can't I for more changed info to transmissions visit coronavirus for other people dot gov I just finished a welding let's all job do our yesterday part actually because we're all you know I hash have tag additional alone waited to together make any call brought to but you by the ad council I'm an old school trucker I seventy six say percent I came of employees to the old school to struggle way of trucking with at least and when I one graduated issue that the affected old school their they mental health locked the door and when you share close the you're school not alone when we read ask about in your the company's newspapers emotional health benefits that there dot are org slash hundreds sharing of billions property by the American of dollars heart association now that are being make made your available mornings right for small businessmen back at six Vegas at age you're with a Alan small stock businessman rush right at nine breaking news huh thought starters microservices and opinions for southern Nevada used a micro talking forty business is seventeen one that employs stay fewer connected than ten employees turning to Sunday morning since we on talked the radio Rodney got sixty eight hundred dollars in federal loan assistance but that he says won't last long so right it now happened this we're past using Friday our personal June credit to nineteenth stay in business so the I gotta celebration ask you a couple questions known as Juneteenth have you or anyone in your family it been cyclical was the one been hundred nineteen fifty last fifth two weeks anniversary now of Jenna the day cows in eighteen nail sixty salon five is open but when business major general remains Gordon Granger limited of the victorious we're only open Union at this Army point maybe proclaim two to to three the people days of Texas a week that can all you slaves stay are free afloat for this naturally involves an absolute if equality you're asking were of breaking personal even rights and no rights we're of not property between we're not former at all masters we need to and open slaves every single day but there's no demand easier right now said than done the period of relative black our freedom clientele known as is reconstruction predominantly was cut short forty five plus in eighteen seventy so seven a lot of them are still scared to be followed by they always nearly call a back century and cancel say of you Jim know what crow my daughter segregation says to hold laws off and in the I've south gotten so many of those phone and calls defacto not segregation just to complicate across things much further of the north you were on the verge of opening a second song right the still civil rights trying to open and the voting second salon rights acts of the so nineteen this is sixties my new space addressed it's many in of our those brand injustices new shopping center that's still under construction several of the much other businesses as events of says the last Jenna several weeks have under already score formed much work hearing remains that is to just be done really scary because if I don't open this business and then I lose everything through but I've it already all put Americans in of good when will you say a have lot celebrated of money June what nineteenth are you talking about as I the end dumped about of slavery like forty thousand in dollars America in two of my own money so it says it this will be is a huge loss for me people have and what's your biggest worry the biggest I'm going to worry sign an is executive just you order know today recognizing the business Juneteenth not surviving do New you York drink governor lemonade Andrew and Cuomo Arndale declared asked a holiday the mayor for state because employees this is how this past I feed week my kids while how did many I say that wrong dream of seeing the dates Hey and trying this is my to livelihood as a national holiday just stay in touch for through all the summer and see what happens David woods dairy business Sunday operates morning on on a much CBS greater news scale radio continues for about a week in April in a moment he tells Jay us Farner he here was losing CEO about of rocket twenty mortgage to twenty making five the right financial thousand decisions dollars has never been more important a day when you turned well a the rocket worst mortgage thing that's happened we is can help only guide half of you them to those so right well decisions now I when lost they matter about most eight loads mortgage rates are and near that's historic expensive lows so now hello is a great time that to is call eight a three trainload three eight of rocket milk is about and seventy if you need some five extra money hundred a cash gallons out refinance eight could loads give you that financial sixty boost thousand you're looking for gallons call of today milk at eight three three dumped eight rocket over or rocket the course mortgage of three dot weeks com to learn more call for cost information house conditions do equal not housing stop lender license producing in all fifty states because and MLS of the changing number thirty thirty market dressed millions out of hungry try stress people balls distressing and gummies you have the couple and you'll thousands feel like upon thousands upon thousands of gallons that's because stress of balls milk gummies contain a clinically that you proven have to herb throw called away ashwagandha isn't there some that becomes way more effective over time of it relieving leading stress organizations so later come your whole body and feels pick up like that Millikan street people until well eventually developed your whole that we world produce feels is light raw milk then there is to turn a your chance stress life that into some your type best of bacteria life could and become be in a it stress baller so with for us stress to balls gummy have supplements somebody come in and check our milk home would be glad to do it there's no place better hearing like it later throwing away follow me you can't Nick do that Offerman as for the I rescue take that's you illegal on a journey the challenges through the history are staggering of all but what David an intimate and look Rodney at houses and Jenna of fame have in common thank you for calling many homes shots what else spousal I can help you Edison isn't has this up study lifting the and sense the claim of optimism that haven't owned a house hello like this before I suppose that I could be required a negative thinker incredible but I choose genius not to the choose to look at the positive the history basis and of try home to be ready for exclusively the on unexpected curiosity if that stream happens hi it's you're Jamie gonna make progresses it through employee the sorry of the month to month in all a row absolutely leave because a message that's at what the we do hi Jamie we break hit down me the side Danny of the road I just had a new idea and we walk for our song six what the miles name your price tool for miles so to when get what it's we like need to tell get us back what you to fix want our to truck pay and still deliver our the problem our little was what in wine the morning and you no say one knows well the difference be fine that's coverage what we do options what to a fit modern your budget day cap then how do we wrap we just this all conversation the fingers now small of choir general goes what's the even bottom coming line at you here favorites coming at you jet know yes we're no all doing maybe the best that we anyway can so your practice tonight and I got a new lyrics of the rhetoric you know for everyone progressive to be casualty kind insurance and company everything affiliates pricing that we're coverage doing much this limited everybody by state law use their best judgment Sunday so if morning you want to come out and get your on nails the radio done then you use your best judgment on that in this time of great unease Sunday we morning wondered on what CBS was happening news radio apple continues with John after Dickerson this of sixty minutes we're about to find out from CEO Tim cook as we speak right now you're full of secrets I full of secrets and it's hard not to over flow right now but I but I I but I've been trying to well Tim cook will finally get to share those secrets tomorrow when he kicks off apple's thirty first annual worldwide developers conference we want to talk about now the next opportunity to transform the

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