#466 - Response To Sam Harris

Dogma Debate


Symbol. The president of the United States. Had An ad removed. For containing, Nazi, symbol, And then trump claims that he made June teen famous. The celebration of the end of slavery. Trump made famous. Yet trump just because you didn't know about it. Doesn't mean you're teaching the world. Things are tipping point right now. And Sam Harris recently published an episode of his making sense podcast, regarding police, black lives, matter and all the impossible conversations around the issue. If. You haven't heard that. Go listen to it. It's episode number two seven, and at the time I'm putting this out. It is the most recent. podcast he has available. Now I've been taken out of context on other podcasts, and I would never want to contribute to that. Sam lays his arguments out and thoughtful way, and with lots of preamble and prefacing. He shows where his heart is. In a way that I can't do justice. So, don't just take my word for what Sam said. Go listen to it in full context. I like him. I in our time together in Toronto. Where I had the honor of hosting event with Sam and Sarah Hater before three thousand attendees, it was a blast. Sam is a great guy. He's very nice. We had dinner before we had drinks after. We even hung out in his dressing room and talked. He was never too important to talk to us. We shared inside on podcasting even equipment, software and talk to adults who just share similar passions. His fame did not go to his head. So if you're wondering if Sam is one of the good guys, the answer is yes. But my feelings towards Sam and my appreciation for what he's done for. Critical thinking shouldn't dissuade me from addressing the points he made with a clear and open mind. In that episode, Sam Calls for us to be emotionally detached from these issues. The best we can, as we navigate these uncertain times and sensitive topic, so I'll heed that advice from Sam and I'll address my agreements and disagreements with him without bias. The beautiful thing about those of us in the secular world is, we shouldn't have sacred cows and I know Sam agrees with that. So I'll start by saying I actually actually do agree with a lot of what Sam said. Race isn't the only thing going on here. But My biggest disagreement with him is that it's not a relevant factor. In fact, he seems to disagree with that by then. Sharing stats that support the statement that race is one of the major issues and I'll get into that a little bit later. He's right. that. We do need to keep a calm cool head. We should be allowed to talk about this. He emphasized the importance of discussion which I often call for on this podcast. But. The question is. What do you do when talking doesn't work? When. You've talked for a hundred and fifty five years. There are multiple issues swirling around each making the other worse, and no one seems to listen to your plight. Do you just continue talking? And hope the oppressors decide to give you a moment of their time. Sam starts by saying social media makes things much worse and I have to agree. The lashing out the anonymity, the Straw man arguments that virtue signaling the I'm Walker than you are in our block. You approve it nonsense. The talking past one another and We've come to a situation where insults become products served in exchange for like, says currency. And that's not a way to move forward. When Sam says, people with a platformer terrified to take a wrong step. Never be able to recover. He has a point. People will listen to a portion of this share a clip out of context boom. My livelihood is at risk. But I've never been afraid terrified to do a show because I just accept that people will be angry, they will unsubscribe. Some will try to get me canceled. In fact, atheist liberals have tried to get me canceled far more than the religious right. Both have tried on some level, but. I've felt a far greater attack from my own camp and that's disturbing. Those liberal, so marched with for years proclaiming that we deserved a voice at the table, even if our views weren't popular. They suddenly changed their mind when I disagreed with them. I was no longer the perfect activists in their search for purity I didn't fit this identity of the person they felt should be speaking on a specific topic and I just kept doing it anyway. I've had people. Stop listening to me because I was too liberal. Some called me as social justice warrior others have left citing me as a conservative Schill. So I'm GonNa Address Sam's concerns here today and I'm going to attempt to answer the questions. He said he had no answers for. And try to make some things work that he said were unworkable. So less jumping. Sam. Called his episode. Can we pull back from the brink? My response. No And we shouldn't. Because the break we're standing on is inflamed. It's better to jump off and learn to fly on the way down because that's better than turning back to helpings of been, and I'll explain what that looks like. Civil discourse has broken down. Yes and that's why shows like mine and Sam's are so important. This is how you get the long form nuance version of ideas. Sam asked the question. When an officer kneels with protesters who have been berating him? Is that a show of solidarity or is at the beginning of the breakdown of our social structure. Here's what that does. It shows that we're all human. It shows that the uniform doesn't define the person. That people are more important than beliefs and jobs and titles and badges and tribalism. It shows that they're listening.

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