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Happened if I could jump in on that is We have a lot of staff and nursing homes who work in multiple nursing homes. And we also have a lot of contract nurses and aides who work in multiple nursing homes. I'm gonna add. I'm not throw another one out to you that it's common for modern health care, no matter what form it takes. And then is contracting housekeeping contracting linen. Contracting food services. And all of these serve, you know, a common client. We don't know who brought this and you know, circulated amongst all 10 but you could maybe find a single vendor. It could be anything because we're not doing testing in the United States, and we're not going to know the extent of the level of contamination in United States. Probably until the next 23 weeks, maybe four weeks at the outset, and when we do the numbers are going to be astronomical because there are people out there right now who are infections Because you're you're a symptomatic for at least two weeks while you're contagious and his, Connie said there have been cases up to 27 days even longer than people have been a symptomatic no symptoms, but they have been contagious. And we have not been doing testing in the United States tow any degree like the rest of the world has done so we don't know Whatthe level is out there. But with these tests that are now getting out there in the public to

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