AELTC Announces Prize Money in Lieu of Championships 2020 Alongside Initial Decisions for The Championships 2021


Had news this week from Wimbledon. Pretty incredible news has to be said you know all of the ways that tennis has sort of disgraced itself. During this weird periods, it kind of feels like in one wave of the Magic Wand Wimbledon has been able to neutralize. Nullify all if that because. They have done the most classy thing they have put a a ten million pound prize pot aside. To. To distribute to the six hundred plus players would have been competing. Wimbledon in the main role, and in the qualifying draw as well I think twenty five thousand pounds to plays the would have. On on on current rankings been playing in the in the main draw and twelve and a half thousand to those that would have been in the qualifying draw and the reception to that. COMPLETELY UNPROMPTED MOVE! On social media has been incredible. People Have Been Pretty Pretty Bold David by the gesture actually and. Many have been making the point that kid that could save careers for a lot of people. In, the Lower Tiers of the sport that is the difference between. Being able to continue as a professional tennis player, not yeah, and they've also covered doubles players with a lower figure, but still you know a sizable amount of money for people who literally are not earning a penny right now unless they sought out. Giving tennis lessons or something like that. They are freelance contractors who are not playing tournaments are not earning money unless they can get into one of the the locally organized exhibitions matching and the same with the wheel champ as well. I mean this is A. Great Fund of money that has been put aside by Wimbledon. Who are? Covered by their pandemic insurance, which was just the most incredible foresight at the time, but I do love the way they have taken advantage of that great foresight, and the money that that is going to save them and decided okay. Let's spread the love around. Let's let's look the people that we rely on in order to be tournaments and. Just just really really impressive. And they've also. Giving money to officials who would have been working at the event? Sanctioned officials and international officials, he would have been working at the tournament so just around really really incredible gestures from Wimbledon. Both the generous gesture for sure, and but also really sensible. Macro. Way of viewing tennis a recognition of the fact that for Wimbledon to happen in be successful. You need tennis players, not just the top ones the multimillionaires you need. Hundred Twenty eight players in the drawer in need. A qualifying tournaments and you need wheelchair players and. Doubles players and this is these are the things that. That make grand. Slam tournaments the the peaceful thing that they are so. Yeah having having. Having that view of the sport and not just sort of myopic narrow one is. It's great to see actually. Also announced by Wimbledon this week is that they are doing away with the seeding formula on the men's side? So no more elevating Pete Sampras, from what was it seven in the world to top seed? Something like that. I mean. These days. The impact of that is pretty minimal in practical terms, but it's more sort of the the principle of it. I suppose in. The fact that the Wimbledon, a note, no longer be an outlier in those terms, and I think the way the formula works. If they'd had it next year, the most recent grass-court results that would have been impacting. The formula would have been from two years ago which. kind of doesn't feel that relevant so I think it kind of makes sense that it's that he's going now. kind of just seemed seem slightly unnecessary, especially with the Gross, not playing as differently as it used to back back when they first came up with the formula, so yeah, I think most people seem to think that it makes sense.

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