Desert Island Recordings - Iron Curtain Innocence by Bobb Trimble


As idiosyncratic and hyperbolic as we absolutely always are. We certainly are not the only Bob Trimble apologists in the realm of music writing a quote from the Private Press Bible. Acid archives starts with this description by Aaron Molinski on Bob Tremble. I will make the bold claim that Bob Trimble's to albums are the best self released albums not just of the eighties and not just the psych genre but possibly in all of rock. Bob's music is able to bring a listener into a new and bizarre world in mere seconds while both his first album and his second harvest of dreams our other worldly masterworks of detached Psychedelia today with to focus on the first. There are so many amazing private press albums that are true. `Isolation Records Nineteen Eighties Iron Curtain. Innocence is a perfect example for this case study because of its utterly unique sound and the decent amount of information available about the record which helps us a lot. It's a story that can be told with realistic honesty whereas so many other private press record just rumors and tall tales. In the beginning Bob Dribble owned just three rock and roll records the Beatles second album more of the monkees and dot records oldies collection featuring the Classic Sea of love by Phil Phillips. These record carry a weight that would mold trimble sound the Beatles buoyant harmonies the Monkees Mirth full melodies Phillips's soul-stirring reverb growing up in central Massachusetts. Trimble would eventually play in bands in high school and would end up on the outskirts of Forster's worm town scene which was primarily known for punk music. Trimble worked at his dad's bicycle shop in poured all his money into studio recordings and eventually into getting his records pressed Iron Curtain. Innocence started its journey. When Trimble wrote a song that he thought would make for great single one mile from Heaven. He firmly believe it would be the track that brought him recognition. It was also one of the first songs he'd ever written. He went to a nearby studio called country. Thunder sound and recorded a couple of versions of the song a longer and more complete version and a shorter more radio friendly version. The song he recorded for the B. side was called killed the hands of an unknown Rockstar. When Trimble received the completed forty five. He was disappointed with a hollow tinny sound and decided not to release it dismayed he thought about hanging it up and stopped recording for about a year stating. I just didn't think my songs were original enough and different enough boy howdy. He came back with a redefined vision of originality. He went to a couple other studios and recorded an album's worth of material iron curtain. Innocence was recorded without a band. Despite the violent reactions being credited on the record sleeve is just Bob with a couple of the studio engineers helping out on Bass and drums the recording is rudimentary and Lo fi. But at the same time it is distinctly layered with Beatles soundtracks and sprinkles of Mug embedded throughout. The engineer seemed to be excited to fully humor all of the bizarre studio request as a break from their normal home desires of the usual patrons where the drums are obviously vanilla. The Guitar is very distinct. For young. Inauspicious musician Trimble. Truly had a remarkable guitar sound that is fully realized in instantly recognisable which is certainly an exception from the typical boilerplate instrumentation and most private press records. Hell even a lot of the major label stuff too for that matter. Triples voice is without question the most enticing factor on the record a Martian Siren. Song that has a exotic glassy feminine presence. That soaks a room in dizzying desperation. Reality Tearing beautiful for certain but also very cold it's much closer to Marc Bolan. Warbling as he's using his feather boa to restrict his air pipe during auto erotic fixation or severe trying his hand at opera than it is to any of his beloved sixties Silky vocalist. The lyrics reek of loneliness. But in a clove smoking teenage poet sense more than a man at the end of his rope. Tired tropes and tiny fragments of generic psychedelic. Forgeries are present but still packing a motive punch when joined with Eleftherios. Voice and the scintillating guitar originally called World of Lies Trimble settled on the title Iron Curtain. Innocence as a on the ever presence of the Cold War a theme. That never seems to come up in the actual lyrics. Trimble had five hundred. Copies pressed bought the first three hundred and disbursed them as best he could. By hawking them at local record shops getting them in the hands of college radio deejays and giving them to friends and Family

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