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Most Medicare enrollees could get insulin for $35 a month


President Donald Trump will announce that seniors on Medicare will have the option of signing up for plans that limit copayments for insulin to thirty five dollars a month in peers Asia Roscoe reports that trump has pledged to take action to lower prescription drug costs the new plans are slated to be available at the start of next year C. mo Verma who had centers for Medicare and Medicaid services says many seniors may be able to pay even less than thirty five dollars a month for insulin it's important to note that this is just the maximum we fully anticipate that many plants will go further and lowering or even eliminating co pays for and one for me says the administration negotiated this agreement between insulin manufacturers and major health insurance companies and that there may be similar deals for other drugs in the future president trump has pressed for legislation to address prescription drug prices but the administration has yet to reach an agreement with Congress I use Roscoe NPR

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