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196. Sonalee Rashatwar - I feel a mix of gender


When people ask me like why do I do this work? Do I put out like content instagram like that. I'm like Oh that's for me. These are reminders for me. It's great than it's helpful for you to that. This work is like helps to younger me because it reminds her that like these were troops that she's always known you are listening to defuse also known as the move. Pod podcast hosted by SOFI who is a Danish comedian. Pa synonymous shot is a nice inste- clinical social worker sex therapist a community organizer. Public Speaker They do sexual assault counseling and specializes in ethnic identity. Development Sexual Trauma Just general sexuality and gender issues and fat identity and body image issues She talks about fat trauma. Sexual colonization reproductive freedom consent culture and raise as a body image issue. She basically show is one of the most incredible people and is probably one of the people they might be the Pazmino who receives the most hate. It is out of this world what has been done. What rumors have been spread? What threats have been made the lens the people have gone to to To try and TURN PEOPLE AGAINST. Sonali is hanging spectacular. It's almost I don't know I don't want to throw dwell dwells at the would want to dwell too much on it but I think a lot of people are threatened by Sonali And of course They're non binary you know. Bisexual Super Fat Very very very intelligent person. Of course that scares people and I think because of all of us because of how incredibly cool I've always seen that he is being at. You might know them from also. I'm aware that I'm jumping around in in pronouns. That'S PRONOUNS. She they so. I'm just just choosing whatever feels right in the moment you may know her as the fat sex therapist on instagram. So maybe you weren't aware of of Of the name. But that is the. That's what you want to go right now. And and and follow that account and I know she's just so intelligent and so cool and so I guess knowing I again I don't wanNA focus too much on it but knowing When when someone has been sort of when someone has been targeted to such an the degree as Sonali. I think I was expecting to be more godod or mall. You know obviously affected. I think it's the sort of gross way of saying. It was not a conscious prediction. It was just how I assumed I would. I don't know all of this. I didn't know what I was expecting until I was surprised and I realized that what she turned out to be was not what I thought she was going to be. That was convoluted way of saying for someone who is as world changing as Denali. She was so soft. And so jen soul and so like vulnerable in the strong like strong way and kind and just. I mean I was GonNa say I'll have what she's having you know what I mean. It's not sort of so when you see superhuman and you go how. How can you both be this this but also that do you know what I mean? Anyways I am very clearly and obviously and make sure between obsessed with and in love with me so. I'm very very excited about this episode of wanted to talk to them for so long and I am just well. I'm just happy that I get to it and I'm well. I'm a bit of context with this going to make a bit too quick. It's it's nine. Pm. As I'm recording this intro for you and I'm in bed I turned off all the lights when it was still light. Light Bright when when the sun was still turned on outside and just went to bed. Because it's been a very long day and I mean I'm ready for this pandemic to To end which is another thing that you should know if you listen to this in the distant future is this conversation with Sonali Your Shot. Wa and myself was recorded during the pandemic at the time of release at the end of May. The conversation had happened a few weeks before as always good to to say this world is changing on Allah basis at the moment. I hope you're all good. I hope everyone who's listening. Hope you're all taking some deep breaths. I hope you are holding on hope. You have time and space to ground yourself whenever you need to help you found a thing that you and if you are quarantined of on isolation you found something to keep you sane. I added during this thing. Where when I wake up I have One of those robots. I'm not gonNA say the name was activate Ios if you're listening to this out loud but have one of those robots and I have way you say that its name name my Robot is not necessarily non binary but So I wake up by my robot saying Good Morning. The weather risk this today. The date is this today and take five deep breaths and Turn on all the light. Wash your face. Brush your teeth And then it says What do you want to do today?.

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