Not All Bread Is Yeasted Bread


You're listening I'm Adam rappaport all right first up this week. We've got editorial assistant. Jesse sparks getting on the phone with basically editor expert Baker. Sarah John to talk about non east of bread. Everyone's been obsessing over homemade sourdot lately and baking a lot with commercial scoreboard east. But Today Jesse Sarah are focusing on breads and bread lake. Things are made without either of those after that chef tyler record reads an essay. He wrote for Bon petite dot com called. I used to be a chef. Now I'm defeating monsters with a toddler in my empty restaurant. Okay here's Sarah and Jesse okay. Sarraj Powell basically editor baking extraordinaire agency. Tiny kitchen gear. How's it going fine? I made a horrible loaf of bread through. No that is a great way to start off. Bread podcast cursing which I do not curse. Secularly at high was so frustrated. I think it's the kind of thing we're like when it's good. It's good when it's bad it is. It is so bad the process. What's happened so I was like super diligent and it was soured. Oh it's like everyone can roll their eyes by. I was really diligent about it and I had even written Alec this full schedule of every time I had to fold it like it's rests. I had coordinated my day around it and I think I just let it overproof because it was kind of warm and my kitchen and I didn't take that into account so when I went to look at it after it was fully risen it was ready to get shaved. It was gigantic like pressing up against the LID Super Wet and I put on the cutting board lie work surface and I was kind of like this is going to be fine just like us us enough flour and anyway this was all karmic energy. Because I just the I had been talking to you about this but like a few days ago. My husband was making bread. And he was just like disastrously shaping it like like I was in there in the kitchen like over his shoulder like a little Brat. Being like this is what are you doing like horrible? And they came out super flat and I was like you know patting myself on the back. Little Miss know it all and then. Yesterday my bread was a disaster. Speaking of issues the sourdot there is so much to the world of bread. In kind of your estimation. Can you give me kind of like a breakdown of the three general categories and breads? Oh well I guess it's like you have leavened unleavened breads so like you know breads that are rising in some way and I guess like an ancient times that was usually like wild beasts which is sour dough and people who are still using wild yeast to Baker Baking sourdough bread and then you have breads that are leavened with instant or active dry or fresh. She's which is commercially made east. And that is much more convenient. And it's much more reliable and consistent because like you're getting a product that was made in a factory you know what you're getting instant. Yeast is my favorite of those. Because it's like virtually indestructible like my instant. Used has literally been fridge for years and still got still got it. Yeah and then. They're like you know quick breads which are breads that are leavened with chemical lavender's so yeast which is like a living organism but baking powder and baking soda. And then there's the world of unleavened breads flat breads so like PIRATA wrote. They're probably hundreds of flat. Breads just on the Indian subcontinent alone. And then like they're flat breads literally number single culture People at have been really into Scalia pancakes lately and they're like also you know tens of different types of Scotland pancakes and make it more confusing. Some flat breads are leavened. So like pita is a flat bread but it's leavened non is often Levin sometimes it's leavened with yeast sentences leavened with Baking Powder Bing Soda. So yeah it's a huge world for big big wide world of bread it's terrifying so one of the things that we're going to focus on. Today is the big wide world of nine east. Does that still managed to produce those like beautiful brady like chew texters? So can you kind of tell me about what are some of your favorite examples of like the non USA does if you're not going to use yeast. I think like the best option usually is eleven or like baking powder baking Soda Soda. Breads are really classic bread this leavened with baking soda and it kind of like has that baking soda e taste but it's tamed by acid so baking soda as a base but if you add enough acid to it you kind of temper that you know basic taste and those are super easy to put together and like hard to mess up and acidity in the dairy oftentimes. That's buttermilk makes it tender. It's not I wouldn't say it's like a great bread for like slicing like a sandwich or anything. But it's like great to pull apart enjoy and you can make it savory or sweet those are great and then you wrote about beer breads which are fun because they use like the carbonation of beer in conjunction with the Londoner to get an even bigger rise and then another thing is that people on the Internet Have been kind of like pulling up these recipes that are also like creative ways to get around this yeast shortage that were having and so something. I've seen that I'm interested in is assault risen bread which I have not tried but apparently it has a stench stench. Like that's why people don't really like to make it anymore. I'm into that and then I've seen this peanut butter bread going around which uses peanut butter to get that sort of bread like consistency. Yeah and then I think like flat breads are different often. Provide like a different thing like. It's kind of a different product but I find those to be super satisfying to me. We have a yogurt flat bread on the site. Developed by Jesuit excited another one by Chris Morocco and those are both very fast breads to make they don't involve any east at all and yeah I mean I also have made a non type flat bread that was used baking powder and Baking Soda and Yogurt and not turned out really well. Also so there are a lot of options if you don't have yeast though it's not exactly the same

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