New Jersey Enters Phase 2: Restaurants Allowed To Reopen For Outdoor Dining


Tomorrow is gonna be a big day in New Jersey has outdoor dining can start again and retail shops can welcome customers back inside the B. C. B. S. S. C. burns tells us how some places are getting ready the tables spaced six feet apart her all set for diners on the water it McLuhan's rum runner in sea bright taking that next step forward because it's been very very difficult to McAloon says some of his other restaurants will be taking advantage of expanded sidewalk and street space as far as health and safety says masks gloves and sanitizer will be abundant everybody at first but you know you'd like to think that the quality of your service the quality approval when the day any indoor dining is still not allowed retail shops are also getting ready to welcome people back inside limited to fifty percent capacity it's going to be great actually see customers again chip Heisler loans tunes a record shop in Hoboken he's only leading ten people inside at a time and he's hoping customers are able to self police I don't think any of us shop owners want to be you know having to referee and say Hey you've got to move further away from this gentleman here he will also have masks gloves hand sanitizer at the ready Steve burns WCBS newsradio eight

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