The Bridge: Many Ways to be OutKasted


Hey, there hit parade listeners. What you're about to hear is a preview of our latest episode of the bridge. As we announced recently, sleet is getting hit pretty hard by what's going on with the economy in the wake of the covid nineteen pandemic. We need your help to continue producing this show and all the other work. We do at slate, so we're asking you. You to sign up for slate plus our membership program. It's just thirty five dollars for the first year, and it helps support us at this crucial moment sign up at slate dot com slash hit parade, plus and you'll get to hear this and every episode of hip arrayed in full. That's slate dot com slash hit parade, plus thanks, and now you're episode preview. Twice the pundits. Who? In the! Afternoon, but that's another chapter laugh. Everybody this is Chris Anthony host of hit. Parade slates podcast pop chart history. Welcome tune the bridge ads work. Equipment with the title track of outcasts acclaimed nine hundred ninety album. Halfway, you may see some children did often the way. Impo Babes welcome slowly to the candy related in the Second I. Andre Benjamin raps about meeting halfway across a bridge in Atlanta, and about seeing the ghosts of black children who had died in a series of Atlantic killings in the late seventies and early eighties when he was himself a child. The Atlanta murders of one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, nine to eighty, one remain officially on salt. In fact, the investigation was just reopened last year, and they are part of the. Of the both positive and negative that Andre and big BOI rap about in a criminal even signed goes down heroes. horoscopes. And Sometimes Y. Was Show Madness for certain. Last forever but until. Is Him an Aquaman. And these mini episodes bridge our full length monthly episodes. Give us a chance to catch up with listeners and enjoy hip. Hooray Trivia this month. We are very fortunate to have perhaps the foremost authority on the artist's I covered in our latest episode. Dr Regina Bradley is an Assistant Professor of English and African Diaspora studies at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia, she is the author of the forthcoming book chronicling Stankonia, the rise of the HIP hop South Co host of the southern hip hop podcast bottom of the map on WABC and Rx and host of the recent Youtube Series outcasted conversations Dr Bradley Welcome to the bridge. Going to be fun. This is going to be fun. I'm so psyched that you're here. And you know what to keep it fun to start I'm Gonna I admit steal a question that you used to use at the beginning of all of your outcast, the conversations, which I loved, which was how how you become outcast, it seems to ask your guest. This question kind of like how far back you go at the group, so do tell. How did you become outcast? Say, better than me, Chris No, I cannot. You're damn right about that so I. Initially introduced to outcasts via the show Martin. For the While episode, and they perform been really didn't outcasted until nineteen ninety eight now incoming freshmen to Westover. High School in Albany. Georgia out the freshman, trying to make it non I'm saying. Everybody talking about

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