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So guys get across to try to club dot com slash joining and take advantage of those 'cause we won't be saying mcgann as coach lifted around the world of the As much of the world the restrictions that is we We to lifting that discount. Why go to sites pain that for a heck of a lot longer than I thought it would be that this This disease or disease virus has It's deeper than what it looked like at the beginning while it looked like Maude on this. Unfortunately it has a hug you will. Now let's talk about the market. So what's going on? Well spoke yesterday about about the mock pulling bungalows dialing timeframes wrote. It was looking pretty good. Did pull back at rejected Riddick to the point where we Ernie Down Point. Two two of percent now. That doesn't that's a good thing right and look unease. It's a guy thing they got a little bit is is is better than being down a lot in most cases. But you see you see on the tried. And as a trader. I WanNa see that pullback on happy to see it go down because I wanted to go down to get entry before it goes up. This is how I tried. Trie- consolidations tried pobox. That are the two things I tried. Don't try bounces and I tried. Sledding trend lines. It's all to do with written checklist as you very well away right now so where to from here. Well look it could very well still pulled back. And I'm looking at the level. Arousing Eighty one hundred being a NAS bought. Marcus wanted to things. They typically Consolidate and white for the moving averages to catch up because of course they are moving averages. That's only outlet. Used to moving average of the price will do that. We'll what they'll do is they'll pull back into those averages that's one of the Colombian. I speak of quite frequently now with Bitcoin at the moment. Look it's probably one of the better daily trends out there. Throwing Car Donohoe Theory Classic End GotTa be said trump's pretty six years well at the moment and they are better trends that we've got in the market so that's where. I'm looking at the moment from opportunities now in saying that I look I want you to jump onto my facebook wall jumping with facebook but on YouTube As soon as you possibly can because to assert three. Pm STRAIN STANDARD. Time which is in one hour from now Martin. If these two o'clock I'll be doing the laws scan of the F. T. X. List. You'll have a lincoln that way. You can save ten percent off your trading phase there as well as long as you have already opened up enough chicks. You can have ten percent trading reduction there but going through that Lincoln. What I'M GONNA DO GONNA scan that market. I want to show you what exactly it is that I am looking at an world. I am whiting four because I am waiting. I'm waiting for flood levels to be broken and that can take some time. Bitcoin is currently at night. So Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety I. It's down it's basically flat on the dight therion. Classic doesn't have too much resistance on certain bonds. Bitcoins that a little bit on sixty five wouldn't be surprised to see pushing we break. That level above nine thousand theory is not really go too much going on in two to six thirty one which is flat for the Exa Pay hasn't level there Upper ramps set low. Roughly twenty above twenty two cents is what I'm looking at their. Its up point four of a percent. Bitcoin cash not much going on there. It's up point. Six to forty six seventy cents. They will. There's nothing really despicable they go to. I three hundred so it's flooding dine. There's not much to not try to Locked gone camping in on some resistance there. Well I looked at the half out John. Around forty seven forty fool. It's it's pretty much. The dies well at forty six ninety. Six moment is up. Point seven point zero seven two dollars. Seventy seven not much going on their bonnets taking along seventeen dollars a night since up point full. All ibis in Kaduna is one of my favorites. Tonight's one percent at five cents on the nose as a bit of resistance on keeping an eye on around five cents point zero two. You'll say if you look on the job I'll have site them. A five at shot of the minute is a theory classic. It's been training pretty well. You know seven dollars. Thirty one around that region little flat level in the low timeframes quotes quite and joined the look at that as a matter of fact on again off his podcast on age. Look if this candle does Klay shortly if on a rise in order on that because it's getting pretty darn close so once again guys. Just JUMP ACROSS TIM O. Youtube tried to call Pitt subscribe turn on the notifications and watch the live scandals. I say what's this videos on the list? I've been on account with F. Txu On the link in the description on any of my youtube videos fondly. Don't forget you got another two day still Thursday. Twelve mid not the MIDAS seventh to take advantage of fifty percent.

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