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Waiting For a Game-Changer



This is Bob Garfield within OTM. Podcast extra in about sixty seconds. Look the production of on the media has never been cheap or easy now. The process is crazy and expensive vertu now more than ever as they say we need listeners. Financial support obviously many of you are absolutely strapped at the moment and we surely expect you to sit this one out but that only increases the need for everyone else to step up. Please support 'em when we and you need it. Most go to on Media Dot Oregon hit donate or text. Otm Two seven. Oh One oh one. Thank you gosh. Can this really be from only a month ago? What do you have to lose? Take it I really think they should take. It put us their choice. And it's the doctors Jewish or the doctors and the hospital but hydroxy chloroquine try it. There's more than ample evidence that hydroxy chloroquine saves lives speeds up recovery time and cuts down on hospitalizations. It's also one of the safest drugs out there just by virtue of the fact that it's been around for what sixty five years. Yes amid a panic to find a treatment for covert nineteen certain politicians and certain corners of the media fell in love with the drug proven a few weeks later to present mortal risks outweighing any potential. Efficacy this is what happens. When hope triumphs over caution the hydroxy chloroquine debacle should have been a lesson learned but now comes the bandwagon for the antiviral drug remm? Desa Aveer Gilly. Add The biopharmaceutical company behind the experimental drug. Today reveals significant positive results in trials of the drug yesterday. Dr Anthony Foudy was very positive about a study of an experimental drug to treat corona virus called for the New York Times reports that the FDA is planning to announce approval for emergency use of this drug..

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