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My door. I have just been reading through my own challengeable weekend. I am so excited for you. I'm so excited to meet because guess what I. I'm going to do this we've you I. I'm absolutely convinced but this my friends will make your relationship March and by the way if you haven't got relationship if you haven't got partner you Logan Camp on caress than Caress row get a bit spicy. That right so if you haven't got power yet it doesn't matter. Listen Land and take notes. Because this I can't remember I don't know if this came from a book. Women are from Venus a metaphor mayes. All something like that anyway. This is brilliant. Really its relationship advice by the way it's not from me. This is what I've learned. I'm just all these. All these episodes ame- POSSINGHAM wildlife land. Listen to this week. So this challenge of a week is all about making your relationship. Grits is is like is I come trump Let's make our relationships. Great Scam Anyway. Let how do we do? But that's a great question. I'm glad you asked right for the next seven days. I want you to do something for me. And if you do something for me then. Oh boy this. This has the power I will that this other power potential to to change your life. I guess what it might not like my new but it won't it will is. It will change your relationship so for the next seven days. I want you to write down something. Nice about your partner every day. Yes every goddamn there. Even if you can't stand your partner do your infrastructure. I promise you there is something you will like something. You will love something you will appreciate about your partner so write it down every day. I want need to start from Abba today. Not Unlike the prison all tomorrow but do it for the next seven days. The Pappas vase is your looking for the positives in your relationships. Not The negatives your teaching your brain to focus on the reasons why you love Them. Not The reasons why they know you. The problem is as human beings we always tend to go for the negatives we always do. I don't know what it is. We're just wide last. Somebody will probably all their know. Why but we tend to focus on negatives wherever that as to protectors. I don't know but we need to ten upside down on. We need to focus on the positives in the relationship. We to teach our brains for Helga Window one. We don't want to know the negatives relationship we want to teach brain to look for the positives. It can reignite that flame or a commitment flavor ignited Big unstrung on Halter. I do know what help you can even try to write down three things. Three nice positive things you have seen on noticed. Yes if freeze too many then no problem. You can try but one has to be an absolute minimum. If you start doing this you will notice the good things you will notice the things you love about your pan and guess what as an unexpected bonus your partner mirrors. Your behavior been nicer. You are to them. Said they are to you. Have you ever noticed that if your moody with them then Moody with you if your way smooth with you your mood? You have hair if your husband's moody with you your Moody with him. We Mirror each over. So why not start by being appreciative by the way? Don't tell them you're doing this. Door told me doing this and next Sunday next Sunday on exactly if you WANNA make next suddenly a steaming hot night present what you have written down just said I know that much but I do love an appreciate you just been taking no this week and here are some of the things that I've noticed that you have done this week. The I have loved or appreciative and I promise you hct you will be in some. You will definitely. How can you know your partner will love you so much? Honestly your partner. Can you imagine you if you if I was way around and your partner give back to you? How would you feel Odeen Hager? I just wanted to say about another say very much but being taken note this weekend a fall aforementioned. Zia The things that I like love and appreciate about you and I'm reading and thinking. I'm very emotional. I was crying about what is no way she listens. This is no way she's going to do with me but wash right now but I. It's just unbelievable. Can you imagine if your partner deduct to you? It'd be amazing and listen your job as a partner is to make the repair. Some feel looked safe. Appreciated and special this. My friends takes all the boxes and I mean safe in a relationship. You gotTa make them feel safe and secure in the relationship. Our promise you do this? What have you got to lose my friends by doing this? What have we got to lose? Zilch Nada nothing zilkha Zilch shows anyway. So please please please try this. Promise you it will have a positive. It was all about having a positive impact in your life. Jolson Always says but he just trained to lay lay brick in the foundation of your life. Nothing that's just a brilliant concept of brilliant and this. I guess this is what this podcast is. All about is just laying warm brick in the wall of your life that easy it won't positive brick the foundation right. Try it see what happens right. Thank you so much for listening. It's been an awesome week. I really really appreciate you guys. Remember you can be anything you want in life. Stop being kind and I'm signing off. Have a wonder personally..

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