Video of Black Choir Director Killed by Houston Police Officer Will be Shown to Family


Of last week's week's officer officer involved involved shooting shooting which which killed killed a a well well known known gospel gospel singer singer in in the the Houston Houston area area will will be be shown shown to to his his family family but but not not to to the the public public that's that's a a decision decision for for police police chief chief art art Acevedo Acevedo who who says says he wants to protect both the suspect and his family as well as the officer involved in that shooting I don't ever want to see a case where an officer in Sabine indicted next thing you know there's a change of venue and ends up in East Texas or some other part of Texas it isn't this melting pot we call Harris County with jurors did may have a different mindset than the people responding the chief says the video confirms forty eight year old Adrian Maderas struggled with the officer during a drug driving stop then grab that officer's taser before he was

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