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Best Of: Biggest Get In Sports - burst 19


Be paid. I want something on the Zairean Williamson Front. That can be talked about. Because if we've arrived in a place to God's in twenty twenty when the idea of a whistle blower with Adidas Duke Adidas and Duke and Nike a whistle blower saying. There's all sorts of money. Going around their surroundings. I on Williamson. Duke Somehow has always gotten off with the idea that they are clean. Marxist chefs ski has had a halo over that program which is kind of surprising given how many people hate Duke. And so if I can't get America or sports people fans interested in the idea of scandal involving Zion Williamson. You're numb to this in a way. That is a little bit jarring. I've told you got and we talked to the director and we will talk to the director again on South Beach sessions of that documentary on. Hbo The scheme. If you care about sports and you're looking for content. I advise all of you to look at this because what you will find. Is that the least greasy person in this. Entire scenario was the middle man who went to jail and then includes all those federal investigators that ended up doing all that wiretapping. To catch these coaches to gods and these federal investigators were somewhere between incompetent and corrupt. They didn't end up getting anybody. They didn't know what they were

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