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'Basta parlare, andiamo in volo' UCAP498


But it's just airplane so really this is. This is the best seat now. It's got a runway in the front yard. What else I'm actually going to try and keep this in a little bit shorter. We'll see if that works never does but we're going to try for some reason. I've heard that before I know. I know I was like you know I was listening to the I was listening to those old year one episodes. There's an episode that I entitled. It's a what did I call it. The episode title is. It's long way too long. All right And I was listening to myself in the episode. I was in fact horrified by how long that episode was hour and fifteen minutes so back then you know we settled in at one twenty for years and years and years and it's kind of weird that it magically becomes one twenty whether we try or not. I don't WanNa do that today. We'll see if that works anyways. There's a list. Yeah a list here where I put it here. It is back here. A Larry sent us this this video or called our attention to this video. Yeah of the a Cherokee with some sort Inch landing on a highway. A busy highway amaze me was. I was watching the first time I watched this video. So it's taken from Dash Cam of a car that's trailing behind where the airplane is coming down and and you can see the airplane descending down into the traffic onto the highway A fair number cars. I mean maybe it's a perspective thing just more than it looks. It looks like more than it is. But there's a fair number of cars that this guy's trying to merge into this airplanes trying to merge into but the thing that really caught my attention is that there's any number of overhead signs here all right this is like holy moly. I mean forget wires. At least you can see him. I guess maybe that's a good thing as good but This guy landed inbetween overhead signs. It crossover the entire width of the highway. And I'm looking at this and I I respect the talent and the judgment here. But I'm looking at this and I'm thinking there's at least a half a mile between signs at least a third of a mile right. A half a mile is talking more than twenty five hundred feet if you can't get a Cherokee Dan with until twenty five hundred fee probably shouldn't be doing this right. I'll see the concept here is that he's got no power so he hasn't had total control over over landing spot. Look like a little bit of power laugh it does. I wanted to talk about that David. We're GONNA try and say I don't say it's a taper week tapered wing. It's an archer and has a little longer takeoff roll a little longer landing role than the than Hershey bar wing. But I'm with JEB. On that it the space between the exit ramp signs. There is a good half mile and what I'm impressed with is how attentive. The drivers were given this gusts pays. That's a that's yeah I agree. That's the remarkable thing about this to me and I've always thought that if push came to shove and I had to land on a highway that had traffic. It should be you know fairly obvious. Once I come swooping in to the cars that rollover fly over that I'm landing. They're going to slow down and the people in front of me. That don't seem you're going to keep going so it should be. You know ideally work out as it did here. Yeah except you're gonNA touch down a lot faster than these. Cars are traveling especially if it might be a busy highway now. It faster in the stall speed on that airplane is the below the speed limit on that highway. I used to fly that airplane and the final the final approach speed recommendation in the handbook.

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