Against All Odds: Lone Survivor


We're all going through some degree of hardship right now but most of us have family or friends in person via technology to help us through in that respect alone. We're doing a lot better than the subjects of today's episode. Take for instance Ricky McGee in two thousand and six when he stumbled in front of a pickup truck of two Australian Ranch Workers Jack Larussa the local parlance. He's deeply sun-scorched. Skin hung off skeleton. They weren't even sure they were looking at a man and not some demon of the northern outback. Things had been considerably better for McGee. Ten weeks earlier the thirty five year old was hale and hearty and had just landed a new job driving along a baron. North Australia highway. He spotted a group of stranded travelers in their vehicle on the side of the road knowing it could be a long time before anyone else came by. He let some of the men get into his car to drop them at the next town. That was the last thing he could clearly remember. He came to in the middle of the desert stripped naked and barefoot under the harsh Sun which bonus fact bombards Australia with more UV rays and other continents because of the whole meal zone layer. Mcgee had nothing not even a notion of which way to go waiting for help to find him seemed fruitless so he began to walk each morning. He told himself today was the day today. He would see a house or town. At least erode he could follow each day ended the same as the day before there was one ameliorating factor in his situation. The rainy season had just ended and there was water to be found. He found a decent size waterhole and began to try to make shelter one week had ticked by before food in the form of a lizard crossed. Mcgee's path he was able to catch and kill it with his bare hands. Laying the meat out in the sun to dry McGee's diet was made up of anything that walked crawled or slithered past him lizards snakes grasshoppers bugs and even leeches after his ordeal. Mcgee said that the Leeches weren't bad but you had to eat them quickly otherwise they'd attached to the inside of your mouth. He also eight any plant that passed a taste test which is not strictly speaking the best way to find non poisonous plants but he got lucky. His Diet was diverse. But not plentiful calories were thin on the ground no pun intended dingoes have begun prowling around trying to decide if he was meet yet starving weakening and beginning to despair mcghie fashioned across for the top of his shelter. It seemed likely that the shelter would become his casket but he managed to stay alive when he'd been carjacked. Mcgee weighed two hundred thirty three pounds or about one hundred and five kilograms when the jackaroo found him he only weighed a hundred pounds or forty five kilograms but he was alive. He managed to keep himself going alone in the desert for seventy one days in what his rescuers described as one of the most isolated places in Australia. Mcgee was flown to the Royal Darwin Hospital where medical staff described as a but well hydrated a credit to his decision to stay at the waterhole police and the media were initially suspicious of McGee's story assuming that his previous minor drug offence must have meant he'd been up to dirty deals with dirty dealers and that's how he ended up stranded. His stolen car never turned up. Which would have helped his story. Mcgee even offered to eat a frog on live. Tv BUT THANKFULLY BUSH. Survival experts weighed in that his story was plausible. So no more frogs for Ricky. Mcgee water kept Ricky McGee alive but it was nearly the death of Jose Alvarenga a man who would probably rather not hold the record for the longest time spent adrift at Sea alone in November. Twenty Fifteen Alvarenga. And please forgive me. If at some point ISLIP and say Alvarez it's almost guaranteed to happen was getting his gear together for a thirty hour deep sea fishing trip off the coast of Costa Zule Mexico. His quarry were sharks. Marlins and sailfish expensive fish. That would hopefully give him an edge over his competition. The trip didn't get off to a promising. Start WHEN ALVAREZ. Usual partner backed out at the last minute and he took on a less experienced. Fishermen named Ezekiel Cordova that he'd never even spoken to before that day but he figured it was a short trip so everything would be OK on. November seventeenth the pair. Sit Out on a twenty four foot fiberglass. Gif small was boats go with fishing gear a radio an enormous cooler. That would soon be almost overloaded with fish just a few hours into their journey though a storm world and it stayed for five days. They had to dump their catch to lighten the boat. So it'd be more maneuverable. Alvarenga tried to steer the boat back to shore but he couldn't see where the shore was in the pounding rain and the little ship didn't have. Gps when the storm finally cleared the men found that the motor was gone as was most of the fishing here and the electronics were all badly damaged unlike the passengers of the SS minnow. Who took all of their belongings on a three hour cruise Alvarenga and Cordova had only a day's worth of food and water. There was enough charge in the backup battery of the two way radio for Ranga to get a mayday message out. But he couldn't tell us potential rescuers where he was because he simply didn't know what part of the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean they were in the search teams had tried to look for them but the rain had made it impossible. There was no way to know how long they would be out there. So the men turned to the sea for survival. Alvarenga was able to catch fish turtles and seabirds with his bare hands. Though Cordova was basically useless. In those efforts the turtles were lucky. Catch their meat is actually rich in vitamin C. Which prevented the men from developing scurvy? They collected rainwater when there was rain to collect but otherwise had to hydrate themselves with a mixture of turtle blood and urine there. You're in the sun rose and set dozens of times but the flat horizon of the ocean remained. Unbroken

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