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Turning the clock back


Welcome to kiss myths mysteries. I'm your host Kit Crumb for the past. Two hundred and so cast. I've touched on the subject of perception of reality and usually as based on how the eyeball and the brain work and how often what we see is not what's really going on. I thought I'd take this to the next level and talk about an investigate time travel. I'll start with a time paradox. Which is a logical contradiction that has to do with time travel? The Classic Paradox of time falls into the classic grandfather paradox the grandfather paradox was used in the screenplay turn novel then movie where the US carrier. Nimitz is caught in a storm and rushed back in time to December sixth nineteen forty one. The dilemma is at the crew. Knows what is going to happen but the grandfather paradox of time gets in the way of the past is changed. It creates contradictions. The time traveller could do anything that did happen but can't do anything that didn't happen and aircraft carrier the size of the Nimitz didn't exist back in nineteen forty one. So anything they could have gone would have altered the future in a big way. Fortunately the storm that sent them back in time and brought them back to the future or back to their regular time before they decide to do something drastic or a little more detail watched the movie. The final countdown. I think it came out somewhere in the eighties and you could listen to Martin. Sheen explain very clearly with the grandfather. Paradox is Kirk Douglas. The topic of time travel begs the question. How would travelers go forward or back in time? H G. Wells painted a picture of a time machine with his book. The time machine. It was simply a vehicle for going forward or back with little regard to the visitors impact on the future or the past for that matter. Then we have screenwriter. Richard Matheson who wrote somewhere and time and takes the issue of time travel to a more intellectual level in the movie. Christopher Reeves is a young theater student celebrating the success of his latest production when the party is interrupted by an elderly woman who parade shoot a crowd of well wishers and presses a lock it into his hand Luxembourg the eye and says come back to me long story short. He traces the it back. To stage actress of Nineteen twelve and her summer retreat that has been restored to pristine nineteen twelve decor. You buys clothes from that era right down to the socks. He wears new shoes and pocket. Watch from that era then rents a room and focuses all his thoughts on nineteen twelve and Zap when he ventures back out into the hall some hours later it is indeed nineteen twelve and the elderly woman is there except she's a little bit younger and a romance begins one day. It's raining so they decide to have a picnic indoors with some time she points and says hey gamble watch what time is it when he pulls his pocket watch from his pocket outcomes a penny nine thousand nine hundred eighty. It breaks the spell of time. So it's now back in one thousand nine hundred eighty all the talk of time. Travel seems a stuff of fiction. But what about Deja Vu? The feeling that you've been there before or met that person before. Could it be that you visit another time and have a flash memory of that person you met but let's bring it home? When was the last time that a day week or month just seemed fly by yet? Your routine hadn't changed. I can remember going to the gym at a specific time and day where I met a friend to work out. We always did the same routine but after a year or so. We noticed that we were finished sooner than before at our next meeting. We timed each exercise in our routine and the gaps between each workout but times were always same yet we would finish at a different time on the clock at one meeting in particular we had to stop and re park our cars yet. We completed our usual routine in the times we had established and still finished early. Not Time travel but perhaps a time slip their spin specific rate plants grow in predictable period of time are we humans that variable our perception of time altered for seemingly. No reason when I was in grammar school failed to complete my homework. I can still hear my teacher telling me that. We all had the same twenty four hours in the day but do we. The world's most accurate clock has neatly shown how right Albert Einstein was a hundred years ago when he proposed that time is a relative concept and the higher you live above. Seylam the faster. You should age. Einstein's theory of relativity states time and space are not a constant ask everyday life would suggest we're going to go a little bit deeper I've recited And as a resource few movies Some were at a time book. Good book on Dejavu would be something to look out as well as Nineteen eighty movie where they go back in time and warn sheet explains to Kirk Douglas about the grandfather. Para time paradox These are all great movies. But we're going to take some next step and look at what Einstein said about relativity. How you can travel forward. But you can't travel back and is simply another dimension all this week.

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