New York-bred Tiz the Law wins spectator-less Belmont Stakes


And nobody got rich on Saturday at the year Belmont Stakes said kids the law deserved to be a four five forty five favorite and random one just like that I did you do okay otherwise hi I did not but that's okay and that was the right handing the right course one no Barclay Tagg since he was article way like when he was like forty in Maryland years ago he's eighty two now so yeah deserving winner of the best horse and but people adult though the winning trainer is up an average it is a Penn state grad and he's eighty two years old which is very cool that he's got is about personal triple crown after winning the derby to freak is back in three was funny cide seventeen years later Hey is still sharp as a tack as a matter of fact and I took all my CDS help on Saturday night and they said well now with to the law could be three to five in the Kentucky Derby and I said well not so fast my friend because they got a race in between the Belmont in the Kentucky Derby that will be brought up in the backyard of the owners of tis the law second toe but stay gold stable up in Saratoga I think they if they could only win one of the two I think they actually prefer winning the Travers then winning the Kentucky Derby I no one ever said that about not winning the Kentucky Derby yeah that's true but you're right the the stable is that part of its second Spain New York and Saratoga that's how they came up with the fact that the the stable and yeah they live up that way now so yeah it would be huge aware of obviously for parkway and they and that's through party won the derby with funny cide but yes they will have a race August St between now and the derby so we'll be strange but it has been a very strange here and he won't be three to five with a therapy about what happens is it'll be a much bigger field and a much stronger feel a lot of really solid forces did not run on Saturday is that sorry just came out nobody knew what it was going to fix it and then also they set out by the way the Belmont June twentieth so some of the traders work right to get more navel to get their horses right

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