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The Power Trip


Down. I have some more info. Regarding Novak Djokovic Yeah. I have the full story. Go for it I. Think it's kind of interesting. Top ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic Zik. Think so yeah, all right? Sorry announced Tuesday, he and his wife both have covert nineteen. This after he played in a series of exhibition matches. Croatia with no social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. Joke Vic who stands third in the history of men's tennis with seventeen grand. Slam titles. In the fourth player to test positive for the illness after participating in the matches. The others were three time Grand Slam. I should say there are three other because I i. don't know Anyway, he says unfortunately the virus is still present, and it is a new reality that we are still learning to cope with and live with. A hoping things will ease with time, so we can all resume our lives the way that they were I'm extremely sorry for each individual case of infection I hope that it will not complicate anyone's health situation, and then everyone will be fine. Wasn't gonNA. Take that vaccine either. Whatever. Also in I, Guess Sports Slash Corona Virus News. Cameron Champ tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday. A He arrived for the travelers championship. He's A. He's a golfer. So sweet name for any athlete Champ. That's pretty good. Yeah, he's the PGA tour player. In five days to test positive nick, Watney tested positive last Friday as well. The Philadelphia Phillies said two more players in two more staff members of tested positive, spiking the number of cases in their organization to twelve. All Star forward and again you guys are GonNa. Make Fun of me Nikola. Jokic of the Denver polls close. But. That's close enough, yeah!

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