Netflixs Dark | Final Season Preview


Apocalypse has not yet started. Believe it or not, but it's about to happen in the world of dark. The netflix show that is returning June twenty-seventh Twenty Twenty the day of the apocalypse within the dark universe. For a final season, a final run of episodes or all your favorite characters Yoenis. Also Yoenis. Also also Yoenis, and many more. And I am thrilled to be joined. You're of course I'm Josh Baker and thrilled to be joined here by my partner in time traveling crime the Great Aj Mass Aj. Hate doing. I am doing very well I mean it was inevitable that we would have this podcast because we've already done this podcast, yeah! Already happened, how did it go? Was it good? Well I cannot tell you that, because then you would not take the steps to make this podcast. Everything ended I got a guy. That's fair. That's fair. That's fair. Hey, AJ, so okay. A couple of things upfront so this is a podcast about the netflix's showed dark German drama. On Net flicks, it's crazy. It's time travel. It's ridiculous. This podcast that is buried deliberately intended for people who have seen the two seasons that exist so far AJ mass and I last year did a special podcast after season to where we spent I think like the first half or so talking about it from a spoiler free. Free context before diving into spoilers, we will link to that podcast in the show notes. If you're thinking about trying dark, the recommendation is you go back and you listen to that podcast. He wasn't the first half of that pipe cast to see if this is something that's up your alley this podcast very soon from now we're just GonNa go full spoilers for the first two seasons, the third and final season. It's coming up. This whole thing is about to wrap up. Aj are super super excited about it and AJ I believe and I I haven't listened to the podcast in in a little while. But it is my memory. It is my recollection and I believe it is what other people have informed us as well. There was a moment during the recording of that podcast. You and I said well look. If the apocalypse occurs then we're GONNA have to get back together and and do a podcast about the final season of Dark Lo and behold Roy basically there. I mean there's no actual murder Hornets at least on the first. There and they're holding off like you know thankfully like they're. They're taking their time right now. And the virus whole aspect that was the rain, which is a different show. They can watch on that. Also titled I believe it's Norwegian Icelandic in nature, but I saw seasons of that, and that's a whole different thing, but that was about the virus. This is not about that, but yeah. It's amazing that the. Whole series was predicated on this apocalyptic events and. This is twenty twenty. Twenty twenty and like the good news is. We were looking into the eye of this future present wear among the The highest class problems to have right now. Is that new content? is starting to thin out a little bit because of the difficulty of producing new content. And we've got a full final season of dark to look for to right now and I think for people who have found this show. This has been a show. That's really meaningful talks a lot about fate and destiny and. The way that mistakes. Echo throughout time, or even if you don't want to be a severest mistake, decisions echo throughout time and are destined to

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