Investing in Voice - Yannick Oswald, Mangrove Capital


Had a chance to really talk about voice dot at funding before. and familiar nego very interesting. Take on it as well one of the ambassadors for the voice I movement in the funding world. Maybe kick off by just telling us a little bit more about Mangrove I gave the intro that but tell us. What kind of things did you get involved in the the clients in the deals? He'd be doing recently mortgage from that. So. We Peeing Stage Venture Fund. A. Little bit specialists that we have always two hundred million funds, but we have very concentrated portfolio, so we do around. Thirty investments, meaning sixty seventy dozens purpose. And we always believed meaning. We get in very early and we on active cheerleader if Pronounce. And we have data handled so review, so we're going down with the doper -tunities. Investment checks the. Half a million up to five ISH Huffman up to five million, so this is seed funding on it as a stage code precede as well, do you do both of those you say early stage you could clarify the difference between those and you guys lie on that. Yeah, we don't really kissel much work. At the moment being put on the rounds. TAME Long thirty percent. Meaning as a product out there, people. We don't cast much rather is the and do that? It descend bit more. Odious. Companies has revenues and the stage where. You. Go Raisin. Yeah right right excellent, and what part of your portfolio is comprised by voice technology companies in particular. You guys focus exclusively on that a new interest for you, so it's getting your interest I think we actually stop it looking at the space, the ALF. Ago. Since then we've done one investment in staged company called. See Better in Paris. Essentially pump needed to reinvent entertainment by beating rebate access to high-end. Brilliant way we can dig into that a little bit and a second in general. What's the feeling in the investment community? You guys one of the earliest thing you really leading the charge on this or the other firms that are now dipping their toe in the water, and and showing interest in voice so us both bedrooms looking at the space in year but say. If, it of all investments that have been done net probably. Three to four venture funds that are looking at the space, but we definitely say. Would I one getting excited about it? Nice there any particular characteristics that you look for then in voice tech companies. A wide range of different types of products that are being launched. People are trying different things. I've some patterns just from interviewing people on the PODCAST, so I'm sure you've noticed some some trends as well as the types of companies will the type of use cases that voices being applied to the tend to do better from attraction, point of view, or from evaluation, point of view while other typical kind of the cases, all the areas potentially industries that are most interesting to you right now. Footed that into that? It's space so initially why we got interested in it is because it's so consume ass, using voice, technology and data, so basically used, but engagement conversion rates were extremely. Good. Instead of this, tell me us. They're ready. Use this new in. An extra enjoying it and they communicate engages. More than if they have to use the keyboard to put in data, so that will finish. Starting point where we realized, is this voice? From that what we having at we have the platforms via the voicing visit lodge and the platforms notables assistance. Everybody's involved home the next size this. Specific Arab just for us. But we are more than at all. Kinds of flux is use voice to enhance US experience into his. Business that at the end of the day eighty percent of the directions be has. Can Be done by boys, so we take him to do that. It's vision. We share absolutely the keyboard. It feels so antiquated. The fact that lasted so long crying out for. Crying on the alternative and one that's love it more human as well.

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