Rumor Round-Up & Chair Dance Challenge - burst 06



Both major companies, a www or filming each week in Florida Florida. Sadly right now is becoming the hotspot as a surgeon cases of nineteen and an hour getting positive positive test results for people that work in WB ranging from on air talent behind the scenes. we've eighty W an industry anybody. WHO's an analyst with us? Every name about the say has been public and confirm by their boss by themselves I'm not out in anybody's medical It's all been out there, so you know, believe w Jon Moxley a dynamite last week, He decided to stay home. He that he'd come in contact with covert and and and same thing with Coochie Marshall They Change Tag match that he was going to be in and over on the east side. Reno Renee young came out and publicly said she's. She's tested positive Kayla Braxton. Science needs to sit down and talk with her Kayla racks insane. She's tested positive for a second time. She revealed that she had tested positive back in March and that she that, so yes, you can get it again. One of the things we're trying to figure out about this virus. So That's interesting. Adam Pearce behind-scenes producer east. Come out and said that. He's he's gone. So you know now that in our

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