A Funny Byproduct Of Having To Buy Fewer Products


About our fancy frame TV. Over the last couple of weeks on the PODCAST and I guess also on the blog. If you've seen our last couple blog post, we've been talking about how we've been pleasantly surprised that the furniture we moved down here for the most part fit very well and naturally into our new home. Yeah, it is kind of amazing to say. We showed a bunch of stuff in the. The pod I mean we did have measurements for rooms, and we did have an idea of what we're going to wear, so we weren't just like willy. Nilly putting a bunch of things in the pod, but we knew as we loaded the pod like there is going to be a margin for error I'm sure we'll get there and something won't work the way we thought it. It would because there's really nothing like being in a space and moving furniture around like you can try to do that in your head. When you're not in the space, it's really hard to land on the right. You Know Group of objects in the right. Lay Out I think anytime. We've moved houses. There's been this process where like some of your old furniture doesn't fit in. In the new house, for whatever reason like maybe it's because of the scale of the peace or the exact dimensions, or even a style, but you know you have these pieces that just don't land and work I think we expected that issue with at least some of the things that we brought down, but again we're grateful. Most everything has pretty much worked as it is. Is Yeah were even things John was like I. don't even know why we're bringing this. And then we brought it, and like played a very important role like remember. We talked about those bookcases that we're using in the kitchen and they have like so much storage. They're basically like extending our cabinets using as a pantry fought to leave those in richmond or sell them in Richmond. Richmond because I didn't think we had a place for them. And Sherry was right and the table in the kitchen. There's like a round white table that was like a game table in our old house in the bonus room and John was like I can't picture for people being able to eat here. I can't picture it fitting in the kitchen and it like probably won't live. Live there forever, but it is so good for now and if it hadn't made the POD, we'd be in trouble once again. Sherry was right so I think it's been nice because we didn't have this kind of like panic buying mode when we got here. We're like we don't have a kitchen table shot for one real quick and pretty much the only things that we have. Have had to buy at least the big furniture pieces we've had to buy have been things we knew we'd have to get because we didn't bring them with us. Like our beds like we had to get an outdoor dining table and other side note as we were packing the dining table with outdoor dining table in Richmond, and it was routed in the legs fell off. So we basically bought the same sized table. It was a different finish in a different color, and it works perfectly like I'm actually really glad that one did fall apart in Richmond. Has that one was like seven years old and disbar gone, and even informed the decision like that one was would, and it was rotten, so we got a metal and resin one. That will not, so you know some things were just dumb. Luck. Something's were strategy, but whatever it is that led us to where we are. We both kind of expected to land me like okay so now we need a rug dresser aside table six lamps five. Cheers. But you know what I'm saying I thought we'd land and have this list of like huge furniture items we needed, and it's like all we really needed. Where the things we knew we needed off the bat like beds. Yeah I, think that's the point here is that we've been grateful that we haven't had to go on like this sudden shopping spree and the other thing I wanted. Wanted to point out that was interesting. As we are shopping for one of the other items. We knew we'd have to get which has been window coverings, because as you have probably seen on instagram. We've been using packing blankets. It's very swanky at Casa Peter Sick. Let me tell you packing blankets. They disintegrate into like a black soot, and it's all over your window sills, it's. It's all over your floors, but we have started to receive some of the curtains that we bought, and it highlighted something interesting about downsizing and going to a smaller house that I think we consciously have known, but this particular purchase was like a good case study to help us quantify one of the benefits of living in a smaller space and furnishing a smaller space I think. Think things that are more obvious to everyone is like Oh to clean and less to pay to heat and cool like we said that over and over again. It's like less maintenance if I only have one bathroom I, worry less about maintaining four showers, enforcing them leaking and all that stuff, but I think this is one of those things where it's like when we say it. But it's just a thing we consciously knew, but then it was really interesting to see the actual numbers I. Actually don't know all the numbers. John is going to reveal them to me. Yeah, so I actually went back and tallied how many curtain panels and blinds we had to buy for our Richmond House, which as you probably heard? Her say is more than twice the size of the house. We are now living in Florida. So obviously had more windows to cover. Yeah, I can't wait to hear the numbers. John was like their staggering. I was staggered, so keep in mind. We didn't have curtains on every window so like not in the kitchens, bathrooms or anything like that and having a dining room, either yes, so this is not representative all the windows, so we had actually more blinds, and we had curtains, but we had twenty four curtain panels in Richmond. House K Twenty four, and I should point out. Out In recent months before we left, we were starting to like double up. Some of the curtain panels to make them look thicker right. Some have always been double in our living room. That was four panels instead of to on that big picture window in our office. We had a big picture window with four pounds instead of two. Did you just count those to? Double them because I couldn't remember what was doubled, so the twenty four number is probably closer to like thirty or thirty two. Yeah, that's what I would guess. We also have thirty blinds throughout. The houses were also. Roughly sixty two different window coverings. That Jack's yeah I mean. It was a lot I. Remember hanging those. It took us forever and I remember buying them, and it was so much money. I remember the blinds. We were like Oh. Do we need lines? Backpedal real quick and when we got home depot and saw the total. Yes, so again thirty ish curtain panels thirty blinds. Are you ready for the Florida numbers? I can't wait in Florida instead of thirty. We only need eight curtain panels, eight curtain panels versus thirty well, there's the saving instead of thirty blinds. We need five blinds. Five lines is my favorite and. And we're being very specific about these lines, guys. No one has researched blinds more than us. We will share what we pick when it arrives and we're sure we like it I. Don't want to jinx it. Hence all the packing blankets because we're taking our time and I also just for fun also looked at the number of curtain panels in blinds that. That we had to buy for the Beach House and the duplex. That's going to be like a million. A million I mean feel like we're. It's going to be close because it was three kids nine bathrooms like it was six seven, eight nine hundred ten bedrooms like it's a lot of juices well, and it was also fifty two curtain panels O and And Forty two blinds, no regrets right. We're glad we had curtains and blinds, but it sure is nice. When what did you say it's eight and five here in Florida compared to when we tally all of those previous homes that we sold eighty two curtain panels and seventy two blinds is so insane. Yes, and we ironed in hand

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