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Komodo Gains Against Bitcoin


And Yeah just talks. Shit sometimes as well all in the night of good fun and education dissect what happened on well. Oh Jeez pull out the yawn button. It was pretty slow a guiding. Look I'll tell you one one thing. That's a definitely noticed when I go through my scans each day I'm doing I I. Can I look at the top ten and that sort of what I report back to? You guys what. I'm saying any interest that sort of thing. Now that top ten this is against perpetual so it's like a futures contract against like a bitcoin. Yada Yada you guys get that right. It's it's been so slowly four for quite a while now. You guys are aware of that. We've been talking to. How bloody slowest for quite some? So I know and look I mean we've got an entire wake now with bitcoin has really is? Ryan's between sort of Noni will ninety three in ninety nine something like that so it was six hundred dollars which is a huge amount of bitcoin and if we extend that out a couple more weeks yes we saw that run up with a ten percent in diamond close above ten thousand full back down to basically. I tell them and then they call him back up. This is not good trending behavior. It's been a bit messy now because because been going sideways. I've gone a lot more activity increasing trading against those ATC pairings. Now that wants to gain is well have found this morning and I might have very clear earlier in the year that might trading on the bait. Stacey pairings was something that I hadn't had my success. This you ought to know why it just so happened to be. That just wasn't getting that many really really good trades that were producing the results had done in two thousand nineteen now could just the start of the mark because bitcoin has been moving more on what I can tell you today. Did get a cracker. Komodo bitcoin put that out to the followers of I've got out they in almost subscription service. So all of saying that. It was on the scan this morning as well for those picked up on that on live trading floor. The tongue is A. It's a great moment. Bitcoin reminds saw advise. I can see other all starting to trend a lot better. I can tell you right now. My watch list of one perfect declines all lies in because it's Bitcoin I always want to have that at the top of every list as big dog from them of got one two three four others that are cross with Bitcoin. Commode Abang one of them. I've got I techs. Which is I- OT EX US DAY. Tape that's adult That's also moving quite well. I think that's the that's at one to one now as well but that's now starting to dominate Ma portfolio list by my watch list. And it's just something as a bit of food for thought because we had seen oats getting quite big nop. Bitcoin is moving hard. But now that it stabilized and we're just going sideways Rashi saying but coming from the so. Yesterday we closed down two point. Eight percent what does it to me? Bugger all to be honest Why well because it's all off a little bit but it's not changed anything on the shot yet? There's been no no change in the chop. As a matter of fact if we stop move backup that ninety nine or ten grand level. We've actually Potentially yesterday's low be a higher light. That's why I'm really not concerned Never really concerned to be fair. It's a tribal I say and one of saying now as a market that's just Hamburg is just hanging around if you look at the full L. on Bitcoin. It's also pretty average Nine thousand five hundred on the nose flat on the day right now. I'm actually long on theory. Him like a little cradle. They on the old sixteen hours a day. Couldn't find a reason not to My stop was good enough for me to get my want to one before the resistance to seventeen forty four will thereabouts just to shaw. Actually and so I have long now. I have scaled back my position size of the last week and the raising done. That is because we do. Sami lacking a bit of consistency in direction. Adot get me wrong. I'm happy to throw slob one and get a good sauce position on but Obama having to do that. If I've got that in a position whereby of Reading Aus- trends in with bitcoin banks is sort of nervousness. Iran. It's it's not something that's how I WANNA be loading up too much on just yet. Sure I could just picked among workers and we fly off but old. I'm on all white into like it that I'm just hanging APP. Whiting and minimizing risk. There is much like can. Yesterday's we were down on a theme point two percent as well. We currently down point to was sitting at two. I on fifty a site with my favorite out of the boat shots except pay was down as well rejecting those lawyers. The was down one point. Six two percent still holding above that to twenty twenty cent mock rejected enclosed at twenty point one five way currently at exactly that level bitcoin cash. She's actually up right now. Today yesterday was down two point eight right now. Point zero percent to forty dollars on the best they has popped up at struggle with two hundred is up one percent which is the highest move in the top ten to the up sawed. It's one hundred ninety nine dollars and eleven cents right now. It's just trying to hold a bow trying to get back above two on the lot. Forty foot all and ten cents down point. Three two of I sent a think that was the want to long on yesterday. Little Bush snuck in there. Yes it was got quite close to Want to one. But ultimately it didn't get it and I got stopped out So a guy a choppy market. They lot not looking like good point. Three percent forty four dollars and ten cents a US. I was down yesterday down to went to one percent. Current endpoint threes to two fifty eight cents as biggest. Will you'll Baden's ticking along. It's it's bit of a daily up starting to kick on now The the Trans looking too bad on On bonds on the mid timeframes just needs to get a little follow-through and I'm stopping condense. Look it's we need to say this market get some legs to stretch out a little bit and get that structure shots the way nature be Dan point six percent right now a sixteen dollars. Seventy eight under the biggest decline in the top. Ten in its Donna Donna. One of the. I think the Eilly one yesterday that closed up and it was up point. One of a percent closing at five point six nine cents right now. It's down one point. Two percent fought points stoke. The daily trend is super looking trend. Really look of that shot wanting to say what goes to from hair theorem. Classic was down a whopping three point. Three three percent closing at six dollars forty five. It's down one point one percent sedan. Random that top ten minutes down ha percent at one point four nine cents guys. I'll tell you what else sorry. I one thing I've got to tell you. Is You hit the adver? Doing some stuff crypto actually got the now is a payment gateway so if you using the APP you can actually purchase courses of is using that crypt dot com happy discarded section. You'll see dental bottleneck. Something else is as well. If you haven't got set up with shipping to Australia. Now the cards I think that says it in the advert anyway and Europe the US as well. I believe what other shipping to Europe another shipping to Australia? I believe the. Us is involved in there as well if you do go and get. The APP cost just chuck in the The try to call in the coupon area. Because what does it gives you fifty dollars of MCI and a May fifty dollars of MCI so be greatly Goes you have a good diet. We'll just see what goes on for the rest of the session. It's pretty slow again..

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