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I'm Steven Seagraves. Joined by Seth Miller and foss mood. Hey guys hey so. It's a lovely Tuesday afternoon. We're recording this earlier than normal. Actually know what day of the week it is. I keep track an end. You know we have to record the show earlier. Because Seth is turning into a GRANDPA and Sunday starting to starting to do woodworking and go to bed early trump would it becomes a teacher just random side story about shop teachers I actually didn't get take shop class in high school. We sort of had one. But I I did a drafting course. Instead which turned out to be very valuable and useful to me later in life and so I'm happy I did it We I was like the last year they did paper drafting with the square and know the arm moving around and doing all by answers really cool on and then learned cad later but separate from that My wife was telling a story last night as we were talking about some of these things and I bought more tools or power tools on having the crap turns out matters a lot but she's timing the story about how she did something in shop class when she was like in middle school and hers wasn't very good but her sister who's a year younger than her came back and it was really good in much straighter lines and this and that and I'm like oh she probably is that the right the right the fence and had it all working correctly. I don't think we had that was like how could you do that? You use a table. Solid data blade without a French. So now you just held it carefully. This that's Super Dangerous. Did have missing finger cystic wait. Why get another kids ever lost fingers in Class? And maybe maybe the shop teacher lost in a different way. I don't know but just from a visual perspective in the image. You're trying to project. I don't see how that's a good idea. Not One of my which teachers told us to tell us how he'd come in on weekends with dead dear to cut them up on the we're GonNa be completely topic here for the first couple of is a friend of mine who lives in the catskills apparently China some stories about their neighbor once the stupid APP Arnold next next next door next door chats or this or that in something. Apparently someone hit a deer inside. Hey you know. Put a message on the side of the road around here. Be careful driving over there and one of the responses was like you just left it there. You didn't do anything else. Which okay fine notified the authorities like you have to tell us family? Apparently like a serious response was like wait. What family someone has to go find the family of the dead deer and let it know that mom dad is dead. I thought I thought I thought you were going to say that. They had told him to go pick it up in. Us The media. It's actually. It's actually a thing you know. I was surprised that they didn't give in where they are and whatnot. But maybe it was. Hey here's where it is if anyone wants to go picking up and eat it. It's only been a couple of hours. Probably Maga's haven't gotten to it yet. I Dunno next door is an entertaining beast. I have not far in my life avoided getting into it and I'd like to keep about if you like to read just just completely nonsense cyncical stuff and crazy neighbors. It is definitely for you. I spent a decent amount of time in my life on twitter quotient. I need man all right. So let's dive into some stories here. the first one is a propublica a article about the. Tsa over a million in ninety five masks even the airports are basically emt and TSA staffing levels down And it really doesn't need one point. Three million in ninety five masks and so this was concerns were raised back in April and You know they were saying we should donate these and people said No. We're not GONNA donate them. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA keep them Very interesting are the. Tsa agents working at the customer facing roles wearing masks at all I think they are right at the PX. They are okay but like started masks. Not An five sir. I'm pretty sure they're surgical haven't seen in ninety five used as sort of a weird thing with just the whole and ninety five situation at those are the ones that are going to see. A product guarantee knows transmission By what you know when you ask the question like one is the goal of wearing the mask and how much of it are you trying to control? Obviously one hundred percent time for. Everyone doesn't work right because we don't have the supplies and so someone someone wanted. Today is gonNA open up a warehouse in fine wherever the government put like all the ones they hijacked from the states and from everybody else they're going to be stored somewhere but it is kind of weird and it's instead the says that CSS quietly stored many of them in a warehouse near DFW. We're paying for the warehouse space. Yeah so anyway. It's it's it was expected that this would this would last thirty days. That surplus would last thirty days for all of their security officers but did did not account for the decline in the number of officers needed lately so with air down like ninety five percent in the US. I would suspect it would last a lot longer. I would pose the question. They asked you change their staffing levels knowing them. Let's that's a good question I don't know here's the thing though forty days. That's only if you take. What are one point? Three million two hundred forty only thirty two thousand five hundred so that really don't have there's only thirty thousand thirty thousand. Tsa agents working working per day on for some number's higher. I don't know it seems low for sure and also only one master person per day. The lunch break. You gotta put it back on. The in theory is a really bad idea. Of course I've been wearing the same one for three months now so nothing. Maybe maybe some people out there who were flown have seen what the what the. Tsa agents are wearing. Just let us know. Because I mean I've only been once during all this and other than that have been getting updates on their twitter so next up so Cessna has a new plane. The Cessna Sky Career completed. Its first flight this week. New Clean Design Clean Sheet designed aircraft. Pretty Amazing thought it would never happening again. I will say it. Looks like a minivan of the sky. But it's supposed to be more many. It's supposed to be more like the Ford Transit to fifty or three fifty. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's exactly what it is East Sprinter van. Yeah somethings bolted onto top.

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