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Come up with a new plan because people are not happy with that so here's a plan this weekend is Memorial Day weekend at beach parties everywhere whether social distancing comes into play or not and the there are a lot of people looking at what happened last weekend in Galveston Texas hundred eighty people were arrested that is pretty funny actually thousands of people gathered on the Gulf coast bowl of our peninsula this celebrate go topless jeep weekend which is an annual event that takes place the weekend before Memorial Day the people said women in quarantine we need to go out and party as so that's what they did there were number of precautions supposedly that people took from getting the corona virus than people washing their hands and all that sort of stuff but if you look at the video lots of people we're pouring alcohol on their hands to clean them up yeah whatever drink a drink or beer what is his beer sticky isn't their sugar and beer in that beer doesn't have nearly enough alcohol to eat to sanitize it anything really yeah okay what about if you were drinking Scotch or Bourbon or wine why get out all right yeah no one doesn't have enough alcohol to clean your hands no there's sugar in it would make it sticky yes I thought we were still uncertainty yeah there's no even if you if even if you pour straight vodka that's only forty percent alcohol that's not enough you need sixty percent alcohol to kill the corona virus so there's nothing that you can drink you would kill yourself if you drank sixty percent alcohol

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