Run Your Own 'Every Single Street' Project


You know the last time you and I record an episode which was a couple of weeks ago. We talked a lot about you. Know how to stay positive and kind of feeling me personally. Feeling discouraged about by running and kind of lack of motivation to to train for anything or or inspiration. Well I have great news. That has changed a little bit since since recording that episode. I think is the very next day. Actually have you ever. You heard of the every single streets projects that some people are doing. No I'm not basically I don't know if he was the first one to do it. But the guy who popularized this guy is kind of famous ultra name Ricky Gates and he. He ran every single street in San Francisco about a year ago two years ago. Maybe and and since then people have been kind of doing their own every single streets projects and they're in cities and and I thought of trillion closed forced onto the road all the now some trails opens so timing was not great but but trails been closed for someone to the road at home. I was like know. Maybe I could get that sense of adventure and community by basically like running by everybody's house and all black mountains so I'm doing every single streets run through black mountain that's cool. Yeah seems a little little easier to do than San Francisco. Yeah way easier was safety and it's probably one hundred of the size. I don't mean that in a bad way that's a good thing. Not Not life threatening. Yeah Right Yeah No. I'm in and it's been really fun like it's been a remarkably difficult to try to like map out where you're GONNA go so you're not like just constantly running the same streets right and it's not all Monday right. No no no no. I've I've done like I think eight runs for this so far and I'm probably maybe halfway through okay but you but but you know trying to be the most efficient as possible so you don't WanNa like double back on a bunch of roads like map out since out exactly. Yeah exactly. That's a real problem. Unsolvable problem like a math problem or I mean. I don't know probably some branch of math but it's driving you. What's the most efficient route? And how do you get a computer to calculate that and and I think I think it can be. It can be calculated in lots of ways. But I don't think there's necessarily a proof that says this is the way to get you have to do optimization algorithms that you got out the map and have a highlighter out you every time you do it. Every time I've ever run like so I'll plan my run. Yes I have a map and I'm doing like a highlight of highlighting the map. And then you know but during the run and be like okay. I need to run this neighborhood and I want to run all the streets off of this main course because like man and streets around here like. I'm sure there's less of this probably and big cities but we have so many debts and they like dead end at the top of mountains may ask you have to go like all the way up this mountain and then you turn around and come back down and so she's a lot of wasted mileage In an inefficiency. But yeah but it's it's all it's all been like really fun. I I'm I'm surprised at how easy You Know Seven. Miles goes by when you're like trying to. It's like a constant kind of math problem. We're at some sort of like little thing. You're trying to figure out on the run so so you so you don't figure out ahead of time. Well I figure out like a like a section of a neighborhood or like I have like an idea of okay this is. I wanted to take care of this block of of streets right and then I use the little. If you missed a little one cold Zach on there the next day you need to waste a bunch of right. It's okay. Yeah so I'll like have them apple my phone and I checked that every every once in a while and it like I. I'm using the Straw. A live thing so You know so. Basically I'll put in my pocket. Now run everything you need to in all kind of look at it before leaving that neighborhood and it tells shows you everywhere you've gone and like shows your streets and so I'm like Oh shoot. I forgot this one actually did that the other day and I like had to go way. Back and backtrack a big chunk of time just for like this little quarter mile side street but yeah it's been it's been fun so it's like it's totally totally turned my negativities upside down because they have this product to work on. It feels kind of adventurous and running more than having you know since this hoping to make started and feeling good. Hey good turned. A

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