GSMC Television Podcast Episode 250:NBCs New Fall Lineup, Oscars, BAFTA, HBO, Spike Lee, a Talking Head, and Hightown - burst 10


The show. Here's another quote. We. Know Jimmy Kimmel will deliver a uniquely entertaining, funny and Moving Primetime Emmy Show. and quote said Katie. Cuba Kerry Burke President of ABC entertainment quote, he is a master, a true master of ceremonies who reveres the industry and its people? Just as Jimmy has done with his own show over the past few months, he will tackle this momentous event with heart and humor, and brings some much needed joy and optimism to our television, colleagues and viewers at home and quote. Well I'll tell you what Kerry burke. I cannot disagree with anything you said there. I think Jimmy Kimmel as far as I. Know What's been reported has been exemplary in his. Leadership and his compassion during this time as far as his crew from. Reported, he paid out of pocket for his crew when it wasn't known if they were going to get paid, or if you're going to be in production and I do appreciate and agree with a lot of what he had to say. Politically in this outrageous time I'll just put it that way and I know this is the political show, but I do admire Jimmy Kimmel. That said I. Think Jimmy has gotten a good gig here. He's earned it. Kimmel has been hosting Ramon additions of Jimmy Kimmel live from his home since late March, and has become well-versed in such productions, making him the natural choice this year given the unusual circumstance of hosting an award show in the midst of covid nineteen, the coronavirus pandemic.

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