Referendum In Russia Passes, Allowing Putin To Remain President Until 2036


The Kremlin said Russians had shown how much they trusted. President Vladimir Putin with a nationwide vote that gave him the right to run for two more times while people wondered on Thursday whether he really would stay on another sixteen years, announcing final results of the week long votes, officials said nearly seventy eight percent of voters had backed changes to the constitution, allowing Putin who's fourth term as president ends in twenty, twenty, four to run for two more back to back six year terms. This means the sixty seven year old former KGB officer, who has ruled Russia, over two decades as either. Either President or prime. Minister could be in power until he's eighty. Three go loss say non governmental organization that monitors elections said it had recorded numerous irregularities during the vote, including ballot, stuffing and widespread cases of employers, forcing staff to cost a ballot already the longest serving leader in modern Russian history since Joseph Stalin Putin has said he has yet to decide on his political future, but wanted officials to avoid getting distracted by the question of who one day might succeed him. Opposition activists have called the vote illegitimate and said it was designed to legalize a Putin presidency for life. Only, one of Russia's eighty-five regions, remote nenets was recorded as having voted against the constitutional changes amid discontent there over a plan to merge it with another region.

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