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The grocery store because the entrance was not wheelchair accessible the Indiana civil rights commission reminds you that discrimination still happens if you feel that you've been the victim of discrimination Canadian civil rights commissioner one eight six six three three two four seven four eight or visit our website at I. N. dot gov backslash ICRC this message is brought to you by the state of Indiana civil rights commission and welcome back to any any issues I'm a jeweler can spots he added publisher of any politics in order to us a little differently today do the covert nineteen and social distancing our gas off from their respective homes are Democrat dogs are called in art Republican joined fox and Berman reported ninety three WIBC and network Indiana a gentleman will take some time to talk about op some polling that we did any politics in our friends our change research all this was done in mid April but I think the numbers are still pretty decent gonna start with the governor's race in the presidential race the first of the presidential race all we have Donald Trump leading Joe Biden by fifty two to thirty nine five percent for third party three percent not sure and on the Republican side of things we have Eric Holcomb at forty five percent Dr woody Myers democratic twenty five percent and Donald rainwater above libertarian eight percent twenty two percent undecided joy let's start with you what are these numbers say what did they tell you right now these numbers say they'd be users trust Eric Holcomb to be governor and to guide us through what were what were what we're going through here and and beyond I think when you compare the the numbers I think the fact that doctor Myers is is as low as he is and has continued to not raise money right not have not have a high profile throughout this I I can't tell the Democrats are just giving up on the governor's race or kind of what what the what the game plan is from from their side I think nationally so much depends on the economic rebound that we have as we mourn the mass loss of life we had in this country and what happens next and how quickly were able to get there I think that'll form the national conversation I think the state numbers look incredibly strong governor well let's get you are here tomorrow Bob let's look at the cinemas are Eric Holcomb forty five Dr what do miners twenty five percent but it's about twenty two percent undecided do Democrats get some hope in the fact that Eric Holcomb is actually under by fifty percent maybe but here's the thing boy miles raising my bill battle for number reasons number one the chairman John Jodie a couple years ago mentioned that there simply aren't enough democratic voters in the state of Indiana or as the winner statewide race I don't know what the numbers are quite out of the B. within the past eighteen months made that statement that's how we start from and also governor Holcomb had again non qualified two thirty PM commercials that he's been able to communicate with the entire state of Indiana every day for the last two and a half months so here's the thing governor Myers house to raise more money and words are line and back the statewide campaign and we all know that donors are giving your money and not have a chance gotta get some momentum and certain content building throughout the state in order to really take the thing off and garlic what kind of girl comes only numbers look like Irma let me get your thoughts on Eric Holcomb forty five twenty five Donald Trump fifty to thirty nine yeah I think to mark with his finger on the elephant in the room here would be buyers doesn't have any money yeah it's the catch twenty two that any underdog candidate you know blue candidate candidate in a red state or vice versa this is the dilemma you always run into you can't get money most people think you can win people don't think you can win if you don't have money he starts out without much name recognition he was state health commissioner for a long time there was a time he was in the headlines constantly back in the the Ryan white days that's thirty years ago when he Myers is been on the ballot once and that was just in Marion County and even that was ten years ago he's got to build name recognition and you can't do that if you don't have the money plus you're starting out with the party that puts you in a handicap to begin with you never say never but it's gonna be a tough tough Klatt I'll take a look at some more numbers that we also dealt with our friends change research of the general favorable unfavorable ratings Donald Trump fifty forty six of Mike pence forty nine forty five Joe Biden thirty to fifty nine Eric Holcomb forty seven twenty eight and once again for doctor Myers nine six R. twenty percent were neutral and sixty five percent had no favorable rating let's going to start ball with joy fox joy what do these numbers tell you sixty percent of users have a negative view of Joe Biden that's just I mean that that it that is fantastic I mean given given the hatred on the that is often exhibited kind of more publicly I think just because the media environment toward toward Republicans that's amazing and I think belies one of the real currents of the presidential race that folks just don't house don't have confidence in Joe Biden to be around the country once he once he is once you might be elected Gerard Braud you agree with that on the same seven the answer is probably no you are we have lots more for second straight and see we get our good friend Eric Berman to get his thoughts on the fable unfavorable rating numbers yeah I'm I'm struck by the same thing the Joey is in one of the things that gets overlooked by both parties quite a bit not always but a lot of people don't fully grasp how much the twenty sixteen election hinged on the unpopularity of Hillary Clinton she was unpopular with segments of both parties to a very high degree and people went with the the double they didn't know don't talk tell trump has high negatives too but people wanted to take a change there it's surprising to see the similar kinds of numbers for Joe Biden those are those are Hillary level numbers in Indiana but it's just Indiana yeah if you don't trump or Mike pence for that matter you look at those numbers showing them barely above water in a very red state and gives you because until you look at the by number and that that that looks kind of reassuring if you're that kept the policy we got AJ are back to join as AJ mark up your thoughts on Donald Trump and Joe Biden told members of the fable availability rate actions sure I'm actually really surprised that Donald Trump has hi authorities say as low capability numbers and dogs but hi because going really the politicization of the conversation coming from White House on a daily basis well it is what it is what I've seen from the Democrats nationally and also in the state in back there's been some real lackluster support with Joe Biden I'm sorry that is because there was no real contact everybody just dropped out so instead of there being contingent clothes to work out fighting for that candidate and eventually won and they're excited and you've got to win people a different side there is none and everybody was let down with the same type of Canada we've had for the last thirty years but you know we do have some real opportunities or it you know governor Biden to win some of the Republican moderates risk higher than Donald Trump and the antics and what are your plot of land that they're ready for something different I met somebody who had thirty forty years of Washington experience he knows how to lead in that culture our guests today are Democrats Jamar Cobb lard Republican joined fox and also Berman planning three WC network Indiana Jones one oz we went to our last second last topic here got about five six minutes left all the polls are actually out on in the race for the fifth congressional district on the Republican side I was poll commissioned by club for growth which has endorsed Victoria Spartz was a state senator who is running well let's do it and we could dodging compare those numbers up there because of the Taurus partial nearly a third of the vote call breezy fourteen Beth Anderson on thirteen and then the rest you can see above sort of eight and below but look at some of the favorable unfavorable ratings those top three candidates let's go to that screen if we could Jake up total name ID you can see Victoria Spartz incorporates the about the same at seventy four seventy six percent better just in a fifty seven percent but on the favorable blog universe Victoria Spartz is fifty two percent residue nine but what comes to be an unfavorable victorious parts is ten call Bridget twenty two Beth Anderson for Bob joy will start with you Bobby and so the Republican rep here what does this tell you about the fifth district and club for growth and Victoria Spartz into harm her shed chances actually winning the sing come June second yes I will I will just be shocked if any candidate if the winner of that primary gets a third of the vote I I'm been much more anticipating the whole time the winner has like a couple thousand votes at this thing really really get spread out I think the club for growth strategy though it is interesting this is their their whole if she's headed by that much why are they spending so much money on game in this in this open primary C. I. I. five just one that isn't interesting interesting question I I think and it medically oven a score of Kelly Mitchell's I I think that again folks are going to be looking for someone that is solid consistent conservative and I will say just real real quick I I I'm not very pleased with with some of the antics are having having to do with with with senator starts is eight of birth and then I heard her story coming to this country and and being a great a great America great American as well I'm not real not real thrilled with some of the some of the some of the antics on on on that side but I I I again I don't think any candy gets a third of the vote in the primary what do you think excellent point out one thing from that poll Victoria Spartz has higher name recognition than Eric Holcomb you really I think there's a little bit of reason to be skeptical of the at least the precision of the numbers and again it's coming from a group that has endorsed one of the candidates at all so you have to take it with a grain of salt that said you're looking at the town halls that have been done in this race it's been victorious parts and Carl bruising taking aim at each other and that would suggest that they've got numbers with these calls are others that indicate that there are the top two so there's probably a a lot of truth to it I think I think Joe he put his finger on what to me is the most striking thing other than those name recognition numbers Kelly Mitchell comes into those races the state treasurer have a good round of fundraising but she's up against at least three arguably for candidates who are self financing to a great degree and suddenly her bankroll does not look as good to come in as the state treasurer the only candidate in that race was run statewide and be left languishing down the five percent range that's the surprising figure to me in the whole Jamar Bob obviously this is unable to stop the democratic side world to Christina Hale is going to run away with it all but your thoughts.

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