Gavin is the Voice of Reason? - #600


I'm Blaine isn't going to be next and I'm. Barbara. Starr. Show, you're being taken over by TRIPODS. Yeah I have a lot of equipment set up in my office, working on some projects with rooster teeth, so excuse the mess, but it's easier for me to do. The pockets like this than take everything down out of the shot and of backup. When I need to film, so this is me in the jungle of tripods. that. You're making projects with rooster teeth, not someone else. Not Born I promise. I had a I had a bunch of stuff. You can't tell what this was. All filled with equipment but I moved out of the way. You look a little bit more pressed against the wall you look. In a little bit closer. Ever. It's it's still the same wall. I promise you I guarantee. I didn't the camera though the podcast over here last time. Yeah, I'm clean around with a with a a new camera here we've some. We had to film something the other day. Netease this piece of shit camera for it. And if you are filming a movie on this cameras longer than eight minutes, it overheats and shutdown. Cool, so let's just. I ever exact same camera that you and I was using it for the same purpose and I didn't have that issue, so. There might be some process running on your computer with the camera at the same time that you might have to check out because. I didn't have that problem. I have the same camera. The only problem that I encountered is now whatever I plug in my cable. The resume using my old Webcam broke h. e. my cable because as I was setting it up. my camera fell over which then hit a power cable that was holding up another light, which made that tripod full over which made another tripod that was holding up my curtains, and it was just like it was like fucking Rube Goldberg of destruction. To take. Out. Sony Alpha Sixty one hundred by the way. So any usually really good. because. It's a murless one. So, everything on the inside really compact, so I think that what's probably happening is. Even though I'm running off of plugged into the wall. It's probably the batteries, probably heating up and probably causing too much heat, but I cannot run the camera without a battery, so I need to get a dummy battery like literally. If you haven't plugged into a sea power, and there's no battery in it, it will not turn on so I need to get a dummy battery to try to reduce the heat and I'm sure it will probably work fine after that, but it's. A dummy battery I'm maybe like a battery with a wire that comes out that you'd plug in. It's like tricks. The cameras thinking is battery, but it's AC power Raja. Now start generating more he is doing. Are Calling dumb. But but I think the picture looks much better, so you can see how ugly I am in higher definition. Really always wanted the dream. The dreams alive and only took six hundred podcasts. Congratulations, everyone we made it. Is Extend Your? Feel. Like a super appropriate time to be throwing a big celebration, so we'll have a low key six hundred we'll. We'll catch you the seven hundred. Sixty six and blind said I, have so. Many plans got to talk afterwards because I have so many plans. May maybe. We've already done. Seven hundred maybe recorded it years ago just like we did with three fifty. We did it after we did it around podcast seven. Dude if you guys recorded podcast, seven hundred like. Years ago, that would be. Just. Icing on the cake, my God that would be such an interesting they know. Watch you remember when we did that before I know! I remembered he did that. For what was it three fifty I, think, but we did it like two years or something. Yeah, but I think it was like at that point I don't think to too much had changed obviously like big life events like I think Michael got married in that time I. Don't know if they had iris in between that time, but. There's a couple things that had changed, but not like. From back then and to seven hundred, whatever is going to be the state of the world by then who knows? What. What is what is what is one hundred we? Can you ask a smartphone that? I'm we'll see what is under. ME Like. Four weeks. It'd be a month shy of two years in it. How does that? Make seven hundred, twenty, twenty two. For Weeks Dr here. Yeah 'cause fifty two weeks in a year. I did something. SMART. But I. Just had is like this. In my head for a second I was like what is he on about? Checks out. Here. It's interesting to to have that turned around a new guy. Normally, it's the other way around. You say something we're like. What's he talking? Oh okay all right. Canada. The Voice of reason on this podcast and I think a lot of that. We should on him for. The other day I realized that I removed. One of my clock's recently I was just on the floor while I was moving some stuff around. And I think what does the cats had stood on it like sat on the hands so now. Back up every time, the minute hand passes the hour. Hand it like catches on it for a bit stuck and pins off, and it causes the time to be wrong by a different amount everything. For Twenty twenty. That's the perfect clock. I'm just GONNA leave it that way. I feel like that's something. Someone would have invented called the chaos clock where. The time is variable and is off by a little bit like you don't know exactly how normal people will set the clock like five minutes fast so they. They don't show up later. Whatever take this one you don't know you have to show up based on the time on the clock. It might be one minute fast. It might be ten minutes fast. Is it messing up so much that it's always head like it keeps getting more and more ahead of time. Slows down every time. Slows down every time. The minute hand passes the our hand. which is like an hour, you? Get free, it doesn't like spring forward. Yeah, I thought for some reason when he said that it would spring forward a little too fast. It just gets cool up a little bit, and then Just Ping free, and then it's behind more. Jeep is a fucking fossil, and it doesn't have a clock built it, so I bought a small digital clock, and then hung it off a thing that's on my roof and the battery comes loose sometimes because it, it rattles lot my jeep, so it is just completely inaccurate, but I haven't taken it down yet, but like it's like according to like. It's like you know nine am right now or something. It's so frustrating but I. Yeah. OATMEAL I am longer threes. Yeah. I walked to AAA to get lunch because I am just completely out probably after this many of the grocery store, let's stay of places like Japan ladies days they crowded with people wearing no mosques, or is it a is fun. 'cause I walked in, and they have these little signs posted everywhere. This is temporarily closed in terms of like the eating space but I walked in. There was like eight Dudes, no-one wearing masks just like hanging out eating. Not Minding, their distance came in with acid of. One guy like came to refill his drink, and I like stepped out of his way. You know just. Keep space, and then he just like very intentionally. It felt like I walked right by me. Come on, man like. kind of addicting, totally addicting. But it Trivia. Every day for lunch since we've been in quarantine, I've made an eating a sandwich. That's how. fucking bait for the last three months without really living on the edge there man. To go go interact with anyone I. don't want to like you said we have an encounter at each layer at restaurants with I make an I. Don't want to think about like I. Don't want to spend any time worrying about Oh. What am I gonNA? Make what am I. GonNa do how long's IT GONNA. Take like no, it's just easy. I will just make an eat the same sandwich for lunch every day and I've been beaten that put hung. We've been doing this March twenty four hours. I think our last day in the office so portrait. Yes. What's in it? Mark Dogs Barking, hold on, got it. We gotta get like after you listed off. We gotta get graphic for gusts as quarantine sandwich. There has to have step by step all the ingredients you need, and we need people to make the sandwich and eat it and judge gus on whether or not, he has good taste or not. Limited somewhat because I can't just go get any deli meat I want. A vegan sandwich, so it's. It's a plant based Turkey non dairy, Cheddar slice or Thuban Derek jeter slices some shredded lettuce and Vegan Bacon on and

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